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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Don't feel guilty - you totally deserve a vacation. (I can understand it though, I feel bad enough even calling in when I'm REALLY sick.)

I love it, your cats are bonding! Now if only my bunnies would stop attacking each other... THEN all would be right with the universe. ;)

Glad the Detox is going fairly smoothly!

I'm the opposite. I never mind asking for the vacation time, but in the week leading up to the actual vacation, I feel CERTAIN that the entire organization is going to crash while I'm away.

Self important, much?

My main concern is not actually for the organization, it's that I'll either (a) get tons of calls while I'm away (this always happens) or (b) get yelled at for forgetting to do something once I return (this never happens).

Oooh, vacation. I adore it so. I'm taking my very own fake vacation
starting Thursday -- and yeah, I think I have a bit of vacationer's guilt as well. I don't know what's with me because I know I earn those days, but I still have guilt. At our office, we don't get to roll our days over, and last year alone I lost 5 whole days because I "forgot" to take them.

oh, you should most definitely not feel guilty about purchasing the cat bed or the vacation. vacation is a NECESSITY, my friend. your boss will thank you when you come back all nice and refreshed.

I wish I could just get enough vacation days where i might have a day or two i don't actually NEED! I mean..2 weeks is just not even close to enough!!! SERIOUSLY!
I took 1 week for Mexico, and i'll be taking one more week for AMSTERDAM. Unfortunatly that leaves NO TIME for any fake vacations! I just have to enjoy my "random" wednesday I get off next week. I long for the day I get an extra week of vacation!

I am so excited for you to go to Tahoe! Although, there are considerably fewer waxed and glistening men wandering the beaches in speedo's... sorry to ruin your visions of Reno. ;)


I hate that "playing-hooky" feeling. I hate calling in and refuse to do it unless it's unavoidable, because I spend the whole day feeling guilty and if I'm going to do that, might as well go to work. I had a 10-day vacation this month and could hardly enjoy it for the guilt. This is after I took 3 months off without pay last year to have a baby, dammit they owe me!

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