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Monday, June 04, 2007


I taught AS to exfoliate this weekend, too!

This morning he came out of the shower and had a big red scratch across his back.

"Hey," I said, "You have a big red scratch across your back."

"Oh no," he replied with a look of concern, "Is that from the exfoliating??"

Well with a weekend like that I can see why you didn't feel like painting.

Boob sweat is no good.

non- a/c vehicle huh?? I had that same problem. You know what my solution was? Parked the darn thing on the street and let some teenage boy hit it and total my car for me! Got $5000 for my crappy 150,000+ miles, no A/C, ABS light's been on for about 3 yrs, locks dind't work anymore, major scarring (on the bottom) due to an off-roading attempt that went bad. I tried to trade it in like 50,000 miles before that and they were going to give me $1500 for it. So yeah..i think i made out like a bandit! Now i'm driving a nice 2004 sporty mazda 3 hatchback. LOVE IT! AND ITS GOT A/C! Don't know how I survived last summer here in ATL!

Okay...you crack me up all the damn time.

Joel is a good man. I can just picture you guys in your car driving while you're busy dabbing the sweat from your boobies. AWESOME.

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