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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Wow, congratulations! Five years is one of those big, round numbers that seems to demand Doing Something, but sometimes, even Chipotle lunches have to be canceled. Mm, Chipotle.

I wish they made a hard copy version of that card!

very cool, we have yet to hit that nice solid number. then again, once you get married, you kinda have to start counting over again. congrats!

Congrats! Love the card!


You'd better get a raincheck on that Chipotle. They can't serve BBQ chicken pizza in the cafeteria everyday.

Congrats! First time here, and just noticed almost your entire blogroll is in my feed reader, so I'm subscribing to you too, since obviously you have good taste. Well, except for the whole Dan Brown thing. ;)

Congrats! Love the card!!

Ohhh.. happy 5 years! J & I started dating 5 years ago too, on September 21st. We're nearly catching up! :)

Congrats! This september will mark 5 years from the date my husband and i met!

I can't believe i missed this post. I need to remember that line and say it to Ken tomorrow morning!

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