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Monday, July 23, 2007


I LOVE the crabs! Your wall does look like a lot of work, but it looks incredible! Wow.

But now I am hungry for crab. I have some Trader Joe's lobster ravioli at home... that will have to do.

That wall is truly amazing--I think the little school of fish is fantastic!

And you know, it's funny, I was just reminiscing about the days when I would sit at my parents' computer for my "30 minutes of internet time per day" and get so frustrated listening the the busy tone from the dial up and then the absolute elation when all of those beeps and buzzes finally came through. I have a sort of Pavlovian response to the sound now. I just get really irrationally excited!

It's looking awesome! You're going to have to teach me the basics of this one day, alright? Excellent! :)

(I'm just glad you're back and blogging, stone age or not!)

so cute! want more photos! when does the grouting part begin, or whatever you call that.

I'm glad your (fake) vacation was a success.

The wall, and especially the crabs, look awesome.

Can't wait for more pictures.

(and I just saw your sidebar. I also love Topher Grace. I even wrote him a fan letter one. As a joke. Sort of.)

Love the wall! how exciting that you are i the home stretch! wow! Wish I had enough vacation time to take a "Fake" vacation!

I want crabs! (never thought I'd actually utter that sentence... please do not EVER quote me on this out of context!)


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