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Thursday, July 05, 2007


I had a really good friend in college who died her hair black all the time. Everyone would ask her if that was her natural hair color. she alwasy lied and hated the person who asked her that. anyway- i think it takes a little adjusting to, but i do think it can be quite striking.
Hooray for finishing another room!!

oh- i definatly second the lets get wed off every week idea!

Congrats on your painting!! I actually have no advice or comments on hair dying or anything like it. I guess it's pretty good that I'm happy with my natural hair color, because if I had to do the highlights/dying/fixing thing I'd probably just shave my head and join a convent. ;)


Dude, I think you'd look beautiful with darker hair. Why not try a rinse first, and see how you like it?

I agree with alyndabear. Just try an at home rinse and see how that goes. They are like $5 and easy to do. (I should take my own advice and just wash this damn gray out of my hair.)

Hooray on the painting. I feel your pain. I swear.

(And also speaking of the Smackdown, did you see that Amalah answered my teeth whitening question last week?)

I heard Transformers sucked. Good to know it didn't really.

I second your Transformers review! It was kind of fun watching AS "transform" (ba dum chh) into a 6 year old kid during the movie.

I was like, "Why does everyone keep cheering for the truck one?"

And AS hissed, "That's Optimus Prime. HE'S THE BEST ONE!"

And suddenly, it was 1984.

First off, you didn't want to see a movie about robots? I'm rather shocked and a little hurt, since robots are so very cool.

I went to see Ratatouille with my little nieces over the weekend, and they were pretty excited about it. Then a preview for Wall-E came on, and one of them almost cried and told me she "didn't want to see a movie about robots!" I was equally flabbergasted then as well.

please don't dye your hair black! warm chocolate brown, fine, but no black!

I had highlights that were growing out and getting brassy which was an awesome combination. It looked really nice. So I decided to go about two shades darker than my natural color which I now love so so much that I have left it this way for over a year.

I am in a hair cut rut. I want to go short/kind of stacked in the back with the front slightly longer than the back. I have been attempting to let it grow but I just feel a screw it and I am getting it cut kind of deal.

Go for the color. I love new fun hair...

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