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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I could not agree with you more!

This is why I screen my calls.

I do that a lot. I HATE talking on the phone. Although you'd never know it since that's all I seemed to do in jr. high and high school. But I much prefer email these days.

Someone must have a number very close to mine, because I get tons of wrong numbers on my cell phone. They always try 3-4 times, too! Beyotches.


Call screening is great, especially when you're in an anti-social mood.

Love emails.

Dude. I can't believe you didn't pick up with I called you. Twice.

TOTALLY AGREE! The worst is when people call just to say hi and then leave you a five minute rambling message on your voicemail that you then feel obligated to listen to just in case at the end someone says, "OH, by the way, I'm on the side of the road bleeding, come get me" before the voicemail system cuts them off. Bastards!

Two things that people do that drive me insane:

1. Refuse to talk to the answering machine/voicemail.
2. Refuse to check email more frequently than once a week.

W.T.F.? These are two MAJOR forms of communication in the modern world, folks! People have very good reasons for not answering their phone -- they don't have an answering machine for their health! "Well, I just hate talking to machines, it's so impersonal." You know what? I hate talking to your dumb ass sometimes, too.

And email...glorious email. It's a communications method, folks. Check it frequently -- daily is a good start. Twice daily is even better. If you're a computer professional, every 5 minutes isn't out of the question. If you have an email address, you subscribe to the responsibility of checking the damned thing. GAH!

It actually makes me mad when people hang up on my v/m! I mean, come on, if you waited through my entire voicemail message, say something! I still won't call you, but, come on.

I hate it when someone I know hangs up on voicemail, then expects me to call back because they know I saw their name on the caller id. If you want me to call you back, you best be leaving a message!

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