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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Oh they look so good to me and my dieting belly PUT THEM AWAY BEFORE I EAT THEM ALL. That's all. :)

(Well done!)

Oh man those look good--I'm so curious about the recipe you used. I've always made mine from the recipe on the back of the yellow bag of chocolate chips, Tollhouse I think? Anyway, they always turn out so thin and flat and I haven't got a clue what I'm doing wrong.

Those look delicious. Way to go!

Hooray for trying new things. Yippeee.....

And this New Thing is awesome.

(I'm so proud of you. Really, they look great.)

(And also, do you cook but just not bake? I mean, what do you guys eat for dinner?)

Oh, I cringed a bit as I listened to your substitutions, but hooray for real butter! If you're interested, I have a recipe for cakelike sour cream cookies that hasn't failed me yet. So easy and yummy.

Angela, have you tried using half butter, half shortening in the Tollhouse cookies? Butter makes things crisp, but shortening makes things fluffy, so it might help.

Those look so perfect they could be fake.

Delicious looking! Real butter is essential... Like RA, I swear by 50% real butter / 50% crisco for fluffy and buttery cookies. Yum.

It's the placebo effect with these things sometimes...as long as they look good or edible, that's really all that matters because they WILL taste good.
Good job...

Mmmm...chocklit (cookies with a good book). Bring me some at once!

What did you think of Love in the Time of Cholera? I've been dying to read it for ages.

A jelly roll pan is a thick, flat pan with higher edges, so that when you bake your spongecake and spread gooey love on it, then you can roll it up in a tube from one end of the pan to the other. And then you slice it up and have little spirals of fatty happiness.

Mmmmm, nothings beats chocolate-chip cookies, excpet chocolate-chip cookie dough. My favorite!


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