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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Oh my GOD, I would have totally died. It would have been like that scene in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen when Dorian Gray sees his portrait and shrieks and withers and his head spins off. Yep, that would have been me. I HATE that kind of confrontation. I HATE getting busted.

I think I'm having vicarious horror pains, because I suddenly feel the need to cry and eat chocolate.

That is just too funny! You were so busted! Hey, take it as a compliment that the guy noticed you, which means he was totally checking you out the day before. Silver lining!

My palms got sweaty just reading that. I feel all panicky and stuff, too.

Friday (and more importantly, jeans day at work) is just 2 hours away, sweet baby jeesus.

That was awesome. Thanks for posting it; I was in a terrible mood and that helped quite a bit.

Also! V. jealous about the working out several times per week. Must get my ass in gear. Thanks for that, too :)

Oh noooooo! You sound just like me, except that I'd be much too chicken to actually go in for free. I'd pay, and then complain about it. Because I'm a wimp, you see?

ROFL...good for you for signing up. I probably would never have gone back. Not that I go to a gym at all, close to my office or not.

Kodak always gets me like that. It drives me NUTS!! (JCPenney too)

I live in fear of getting busted!!! For anything!! Fear of authority 4 EVER!!!

I am excited to see your non-dorky photo album. I aspire to be a non-dorky photo album creator, but I fail.

Have a great long weekend, you badass.

I, too, would have died and then cried a lot. I admire your ability to hold your shit together better than I could.

I also live in fear of getting busted for anything. I get so panicked when I've even messed something up at work, which thank goodness, happens very, very rarely.

I would have died. You are so brave. $30 is very cheap for the gym. I pay $54 and let me tell you, we do not have nifty machines with TVs. There is never a wait to get a machine though!

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