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Thursday, August 02, 2007


"It's a science, being this neurotic"

I've got half a mind to steal that line from you, lady. You'd better whip it up into a copyrighted tagline for your site or something...hilarious!

I hope you have a great trip :)

You're HOTT, the bathroom color is hot, the wall is hot and your dress is hottest.

Have a fun trip.

love the hair! (Aren't ya glad you listened to me???)

love the wall!

and the packing - I am in your boat. Plane leaves in 10 hrs and I haven't even started.

Have a great trip! Don't melt in the desert.

Your hairdresser said you couldn't go darker in the summer? Why does she care? She gets paid either way, right?

Your hair looks great, and that wall is soooooo awesome! It looks like a lot of work.

I'm totally with you on the pre-trip jitters....

And the wall color rocks! Very serene!

The hair!! The wall!! So much beauty!!

Have a wonderful trip.

I'm a compulsive house cleaner before trips too. It's because there is nothing better than coming home to a nice clean house and being able to really relax. :)

Nice hair color. Darker hair doesn't show roots too bad. My hair is a teeny bit darker than yours and I did black all the time, without touching the roots for ages... I'm also super duper lazy. :D Glad you stuck with your choice--hair dressers, I think they have it out for people. Who cares if you want dark in the summer? Someone has to. Otherwise the world would be blind from all the bleach-blondes!

Have a great trip!

i LOVE the green in the bathroom, and also what I can see of the mirror!!

Love the hair, love the bathroom, love the wall. You are officially awesome for finishing that wall.

The Wall is rad.

Your hair looks adorable! Have a fun trip!

That wall is AMAZING. LOVE it.

Oh and I had a hairdresser that said the same damn thing. (It really pissed me off! I'm with you. Who cares what other people are doing. This is what I want!)

But I do love your hair. SO very, very pretty!

Look at you! You're on vacation, I'm assuming you managed to get out the door in one piece and with HOTT hair! Wowza! And a HOTT dress! Yowza! And AWESOME bathroom color, and a STUNNING finshed wall...

Damn girl, you deserve this vacation! xoxox

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