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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Wow! 39 trillion gallons of water! This was very educational, but you know we'll have to deduct points since you turned it in late. Maybe you can erase the chalkboard after class for extra credit.

Ooh, I'd love to go there someday. It looks so pretty. I commend you on going in the water, despite your better judgment. :)

So when you say, "BTW," are you actually saying the words or the letters? Because "Bee tee dubs" is one of my new favorite things to say...

That sounds like a fun and adventurous wild-wild-west vacation! Makes me wish we had taken an extended trip this summer. Sigh.

Glad to hear that you didn't have to resort to cannibalism on your trip!

I love the pics and the story. Those mountain west views make me feel like home (even though I've never been to where you were).

Looks gorgeous! As far as taking a picture with the panther. When we were in Mexico there was the CUTEST monkey right outside of our hotel. We could see it from our windown. That poor animal was on a leash 7 days a week! just having a small stick/stand to run up and down on. Mom visisited that monkey everyday. The last day she took a picture iwth it. I wanted to to, but I didn't want to support this guy who is keeping this monkey tied up. its probably still sitting there today. :( (it was REALLY Cute though!)

LOL, "My face got really shiny, almost as shiny as silver though." That's awesome. It's funny, my husband and I say LOL and BTW, too (the letters themselves).

"We mostly just ate at restaurants, though."

That right there is what earned you the + on your A+.

Hey from Seattle.

I also loved the part about your face being as shiny as silver. I think you look cute in all the pictures though. Very nice essay, Miss OPH.

Has anyone told you Joel looks like Matt Damon? Because I think he does.

And also, JEALOUS of your trip. You got some great photos.

Dude, I was just there last weekend! I'm in withdrawal for clean air and pine trees and bacon cheeseburgers. Simons swam in the mountain lake and turned into marble. I got waist deep and screamed so loud, the echo is just now bouncing off a cliff in Antarctica. Then I scampered out and pranced up and down on the bank, which made Beulah very excited. Fun trip.

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