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Monday, September 24, 2007


Oh boy! Shoes!! I'm that girl you mentioned up there who just has to have that cute pair of shoes in the window every time I go shopping, so I get very excited when I see new shoe converts.

Let me tell you though, bandaids and Blister Block (you can usually find it in the aisle with all of the insoles) will become your best friend while you're breaking in your shoes. And anytime one of your blisters starts to hurt, just think about all of the people in the world who are looking at your shoes and wondering where they can find a pair just like it!

Ditch the car, buy a bike and get a pair of these: http://www.sidiusa.com/ergo2_S08.html

Now THOSE are nice shoes. ;-)

Love the shoes! I do the opposite lazy thing--buy a lot of clothes in black / grey / white neutral colors and assume I'm being fashionable by adding wilder shoes.

Whatever, it works.

I also love AT Petites. If I walk into a store somewhere that for some ungodly reason DOES NOT have a petites section, I just do an about-face and truck it out of there. There is no point in browsing through a non-petite stores. No point.

I find that vaseline and band-aids are a good blister fix. The vaseline cuts down on the friction, you see.

Do you remember when you were a kid, and the weather finally warmed up enough for you to run around outside, sans shoes? Remember how at the start of every summer your feet would hurt as you would walk, barefoot, down the asphalted streets? And by the end of the summer your feet were tough as nails and you could walk just about anywhere with little to no problems?

That's just how "cute" shoes are to your feet. Brave the blisters now, and in a few weeks, you'll be good to go!

Cute Shoes!

I came late to the girly shoe club. I used to wear the same old shoes to work every single day. Not sure when it happened, but suddenly I felt the urge to buy new shoes...even when the old ones weren't worn out!

Also, band-aid makes a blister blocker...its a rub-on stick that keeps the friction of your shoes off your little feet. I chase preschoolers in my cute shoes and I rarely get blisters!

I love the shoes and the pants! Now you must show us the other new shoes.

Ann Taylor Loft Petites and I are BFF.

ATL=best store ever! I love how their pants fit and I love the pants you chose! I need to get my booty over there and get some new pants for fall. For some reason, I feel like I've just been rotating the same 5 pairs of pants. Wait, maybe it's because I have. I need new shoes too...I also tend to get the black/brown staples and wear them over and over and over again. I also need new bras DESPERATELY! I think I might join you on your little "operation."

Cute cute cute! Love the red flats, am desperately awaiting photos of other recently acquired footwear.

That's all,

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