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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Oh my goodness. That sounds like a wringer of a weekend! Go you for being such a trooper.

If you have time/interest, I highly recommend trying out Chow, Frjtz Fries, and Stelline. They're all restaurants my former SF co-workers took me to and I would love to go back to any of them.

Sounds like a classic pal's wedding weekend!!

Although, doesn't hungover throwing up serve as a great reminder of why, exactly, you're glad to be out of college? Maybe it doesn't for you. But it does for me.

yeah...you forgot to post pictures of you in your fancy dress with your fancy hair and make-up.

(But don't post pictures of fancy vomit. Okay?!)

Just reading this made me tired! I'm glad you survived!

It there a lower low in life than hungover vomiting in an airport bathroom? You are a trooper, my friend.

Got your text about Clippy...i would have responded but i think at the point in the evening (ok maybe late late afternoon) i was already well on my way to spending my sunday much like you hurling in the toilet...can you please come back from your biz trip so we can get teh cutest kitten in the world?!!?! i promise all my drinking escapades are over and ill be a good mom!

Oh goodness, that is seriously one marathon weekend! Can't wait to see pics; although I'm with Isabel, no vomiting pics. :o)


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