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Thursday, October 11, 2007


What in the world - our TV schedules don't overlap AT ALL! I am shocked and amazed. If only Gilmore Girls was still on.

I watched "NCIS" just one time and was so thoroughly irritated by the team leader guy that I can't even sit through a commercial without crying out, "Why is this show still on?!" Sorry. And "The Unit" took the place of the prematurely-cancelled "Love Monkey", with Tom Cavanaugh and Teddy Geiger (squeal!), so I cannot forgive it.

I know you have no more room in your life for another commitment - because TV is totally a commitment - but seriously, where is the "How I Met Your Mother"? Add the Season 1 DVDs to your Netflix queue. You won't regret it. Especially not the Pineapple Incident.

I don't have Tivo so I only watch a couple of shows - mostly comedies like Two and a Half Men, and Rules of Engagement. That's about where it ends, except for the occassional CSI Miami on Mondays. Actually, I think I only watch TV on Mondays.

I don't watch any of those! Either that makes me really lame or super cool :)

So many US shows I've never even heard of before. I know most people either love or hate Grey's, but I LOVE it. I have all three season on DVD and I could watch 'em over, and over. I just want to slap Meredith, is all. ;)

Love Smallville, Love CSI, Love Nip/Tuck, Love Supernatural, Love NCIS. Not sure about Prison Break, it's driving me crazy the way they prolong it. (Yes, I know that's the point but BLARGH. Can't stand it!)

OKAY. I'm not watching any of those shows and that's okay. But JEN - you have nothing on Sundays and you're not Tivoing Brothers and Sisters?!?!?!? GIRL. GET ON ABC.COM RIGHT NOW.

There is nothing wrong with watching a lot of TV. The regular TV season didn't start up untill the 4th week of school and I felt like a little lost puppy. Now I have a schedule and I can better time manage.
If you like the magical, supernatural sci fi stuff, trying Pushing Daisies on ABC on Wednesdays. If you know the Walgreen's and Splenda commercials, its like this show comes straight out of that world. I am a sucker for whimsical.

I'm sending Edgar to your house...he likes watching all of those superhero/supernatural themed shows that I can't stand!!!! I don't know why, but I just can't get into the whole super power thing. The only one remotely like those that I love is Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights. It's an awesome show and the best thing going on Fridays.

My week is:
Sunday-Desparate Housewives
Monday-The Hills (I know, I know)
Tuesday--Tori and Dean Inn Love and House (you HAVE to watch House. If you add one show to the list, it should be House)
Wednesday...once Idol comes on, I watch that when it's on Wed.
Thursday--The Office
Friday--Ghost Whisperer if I remember to watch it.

Oh, and Sunday night is also Girls Next Door, but they did a few episodes and then stopped. WTF!

I'm like you, my fall/winter is jam packed with TV that when all of the seasons end, I feel a great relief at not being tied to my TV anymore!

Oh, I watched Pushing Daisies the other day and as far as super powers go, I didn't mind it. I also don't mind Dead Zone (I think that's what it's called. And 4400 is okay SOMETIMES) Smallville sucks, but I think Lex is hot and I love Lana...but I don't know if Lana is still on anymore. Okay, I'm done now.

Have you noticed that writing this season has seemed cheesier/hokier? I have loved Prison Break, but the dialogue this season has seemed contrived a bit.
I also love Heroes. It would have been cool if Hiro had been his own hero!
My gf got me watching Bionic Woman, and I agree, it isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But like PB the dialogue seems a bit contrived.
I agree on Pushing Daisies and House, they must be added to your Tivo! I don't know what my gf and I did before our dvr, we are regularly recording 2 shows at a time and catch up on weekends.

Oh sweetie, I watch WAY more tv then you do. Well, maybe I don't actually watch it...but it's on the DVR. I PLAN on watching.

(You can't tape more then one show at a time? We can tape two and watch something else at the same time. AWESOME.)

Have we talked about Sunny? We "found" the show when it first started and have been hooked ever since. In fact Ken just called me and I answered the phone by saying "hey oh" and then he said "what's up bitches". Yes, it's romantic. Anyway, Ken is always asking me if the guys are good looking. I've given it a lot of thought and while I think they are all idiots, Mac is the hottest. (Do you know that the girl from the coffee house is married to Charlie in real life? That makes it even funnier!)

You must watch How I Met Your Mother. We were late to start, so we never saw the Pineapple Incident, which I hear is awesome. But still, the show is super funny. It's all Barney!

Also, have you seen Mad Men on AMC? So good. Unfortunately, for you, it was a summer show. So there is only one more show until the season is over. Hopefully you can NetFlix it.

Okay...I need to stop with this comment.

That is so funny about Journeyman, because I make the exact same comments every time we watch it and it drives my fiance crazy since he's never read the book ;)

And I'm also a lover of Bionic Woman, which is surprising since I was expecting to just suffer through it weekly in repayment for making Colby watch The Hills and Gossip Girl.

And we've been recording Moonlight and finally got around to watching it last night, but I'm just not a fan. I thought it was really surprisingly slow moving, and the blond drove me nuts--so the season pass has been deleted. Which is probably a good thing since we're already about 3 weeks behind on our tv watching ;)

And I am totally hanging on to the hope that Lost is coming back with a vengeance this year. I thought it really improved toward the end of last season, so I'm trying to be optimistic...

Oh, and if you're at all a fan of Tim Burton, I think you'd really like Pushing Daisies--it's sort of sci-fi meets fantasy... Plus I have a little crush on the leading man ;)

Hmmm, I've always thought I would love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I've never watched it. I think I'm going to have to start. Do you like 30 Rock? I swear that is the BEST show ever, but then again, I have a girl crush on Tina Fey.

We only have one show in common - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I love that show!

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