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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am a total Flickr fan, but I take pictures compulsively, so it's really just an enabler for my habit. Why don't you just try a free account for now? It limits you in terms of monthly download space and number of sets and things, but it's an easy way to do it.

And, no, it is never too late to discuss fall TV. Bring it on.

The hair looks cute! The cinder block walls of your apartment look depressing.

Definitely post about fall TV. TV is awesome at any time of the year!

Oh! By the way--I am also a Flickr user and a Flickr lovah. I don't really use any of the "friends" capabilities, but I like the way it displays my photos.

First, thank you for posting the picture. I love it! Second, Flickr? It's cool, but I only use it to post my pictures - I don't surf other peoples pictures. Third, you must tell me what you do. I keep thinking "why the heck does she travel so much and work weekends?" and it's driving me nuts.

I used the free account on flickr once, but it annoyed me, so I don't use it anymore. I don't have very many pictures to share with people anyway.

Cute hair!

I am having day of the week confusion as well. I don't have an excuse for it though.

Cute hair!

And I do like flickr....even with a free account, your photos are stored there forever. If something happened and you lost all your digital pics...you could still get them on flickr!

I like flickr, but mostly because it makes posting pictures to my blog easier for me. I don't really use it for pictures that aren't going on my blog, though. The only thing about the free accounts is that there is an upload limit each month. But since the photos are just going on the blog, I just shrink them down by 50% (with a free photo resizing software) before uploading. It works out really well and I save the high-quality images separately.

The other thing about free accounts is you can only access your most recent 200 photos. But the rest aren't deleted. Photos I posted on my blog 2 years ago still show up on my blog, and if you click on them, you can still get to their flickr photo page. But you have to take that roundabout way to access the older stuff. Not a huge deal, though.

Cute hair!

Jet lag, arrrrgh. Not looking forward to that at all.

Your hair looks great, I love the colour!

Love the new 'do, and get yourself over to flickr, stat!

new hair is looking good! as for the Fall TV lineup, I don't feel like I have a grip on mine yet either. The only thing I've really added is Beauty and the Geek. How lame is that?!?

#1 - I love the picture. ROFL...perfect title. Your hair looks great. I have to say I cannot get on this "not washing every day" train. Of course I have fuzzy, stick-outy hair that is supposed to be sleek and smooth, so I can't really say shampoo every day is working for me either.

#2 - I gave up on all new fall shows except Private Practice (watching that out of loyalty to Kate Walsh). I am also going to try Samantha Who? next week. But otherwise I had to keep it at one show per time slot per night.

#3 - I like flickr, I especially like that they gave me a free pro account for a while when I moved some old photos from yahoo photos. I like the "notes" and social networking aspects, although I don't use it much. I think you can print from flickr but I haven't tried it (I use Kodak Gallery for that). I also like that it's dummy proof with the different size options and linking options.

#4 - I would love a post about why you hate your new cell phone.

Your hair is lovely. And "thumbs up" is always cool.

Dude, bring on the TV talk. NOW!

And Flickr?? I have a free account that's fun to play with...sometimes. But there was recently a big mess about people stealing your pictures and using them in ad's. Not cool. Especially pics of people's kids. So, copyright issues is something you might want to think about.

Once a week ?

Who's thinking about the boyfriend here? Hmm? Anyone?


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