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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My ideal is every 1.5 days. This rarely works though. So I switch between 1 and 2. Once a week, no way! I don't know how Zoot does it, but she does have pretty hair so I guess it works!

I wash my hair at least once a week. I have very thick, long, curly hair. I don't have a need to wash it more often, it's more on the dry side so it's okay twice a week.

I have to wash my hair every day, because my entire body still produces oil like a greasy 15 year old boy. I'm the exception to the rule, though!

i always thought i needed to wash my hair every day... but now that I am gently blowdrying it that seems like a lot of work. So I a) invested in a better shampoo and conditioner (more gentle and purifying) and b) go every other day washing it. Surprisingly, my hair looks awesome. I think overwashing is no good.

I want to see pictures of the new hair!

I constantly play with my hair which means going more than 1.5 days without washing leaves me a big greasy mess. So I wash every day. If I would sport the pony tail more often, I could probably do every other day.

I wash (or warsh) my hair once a day. It is too fine and thin to try and get away with a different routine. It's shorter so I wake up in the morning looking like Phil Spector.

I wash my hair every two or three days. The third day it has to be styled up though, otherwise it will look a little too sleek. I know people who wash once a week (my mom is one of them), but unless one has really thick, curly or dry hair I don't see how people can do it.

I wash everyday. I didn't realize until about four years ago that I didn't have dry umanageable hair (what everyone else in my family has). So now I was every day with a body boost/fine hair shampoo. But I, like Laurel, must be still going tthrough puberty!

I'm an every other day girl for the shampoo, but I still at least condition just about every day unless I'm running late, then I just skip it altogether. I have a really hard time when I don't take a shower in the morning--it's pretty much the only thing that can fully wake me up!

I tried the every-other-day wash a few years ago, and I always had to pull it back in a ponytail on the non-wash day in order to hide the grease. So it's every day for me.

Think how fast you'll save that $22 you spent for a styling lesson if you only have to wash your hair once a week. You'll have to buy shampoo -- what? -- once a year?

Dude...you can't talk about new hair and then not post pictures. The internet has rules baby, RULES!

I wash mine everyday. I would kill to NOT have to...but alas, I do. I even spent Babboo's first year of life trying to "train" my hair to not need it everyday. It never worked.

(I only wash the roots and condition the ends, per Amalah's suggestions.)

Enjoy your flight and your 4 million movies.

I have a seriously complicated hair routine. Mine is perfectly straight, super thick, and about three inches PAST my waist. So I try to only wash every three days, but sometimes i can't stand it and have to do it every other. It takes so goddam long to dry, I can't do it any more often. I only use shampoo on the roots, combo on the rest to my shoulders, heavy duty conditioner on the other two feet, heavy duty leave in conditioner on the last foot, spray in leave in conditioner on the top half, gently comb it all through. If i am going out and half to add all the styling crap, well i might as well be chained to the vanity. Sometimes the prospect of showering makes me feel tired....

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