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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I actually liked this book a lot...but I'm a big Virginia Woolf fan....it's kind of key to enjoying the book. I, however, HATED the movie...save those hours of your life for something worthwhile!

I felt meh about the book, meh about the movie. Put the movie on your 'flix, but don't kill yourself moving it to the top or anything.

I watched it quite a while ago now. But all i remember is pretty much hating it. I'm pretty sure i thought to myself- I'll never get those 2 hrs back. But I'm with you...i know OF Virginia wolf..but really know nothing :) I think- don't waste your time...unless I guess your trying to make the book make more sense by watching the movie.

Thumbs down for both.

Ok I guess I am in the minority, but I really liked the movie. Its not exactly "jazzed up", but it might help you understand the timeline more (ie that there are 3 time periods covered).

I have never read that book or watched the movie. But I will give you a couple of book suggestions that although I liked, could certainly turn in to major snoozefests for others :)

Tom Wolfe - The Bonfire of the Vanities
(snooze-worthy rating? a 6, because it is REALLY, REALLY long, and Wolfe likes to describe things in minute detail)

Melissa Bank - The Wonder Spot
(snooze-worthy rating? 4, only because it doesn't have too much of a discernable plot)

Haven Kimmel - A Girl Named Zippy and/or She Got Up Off the Couch
(snooze-worthy rating? MAYBE a 1, but only if reading just always puts you to sleep. I love Kimmel!

Well, at least it helped you sleep. And at least you didn't pay "real" money for it.

I never saw the movie. And it wasn't until I was done reading this post that I remembered I HAVE read this book. And not just once, but TWICE. And yet, I don't remember it AT ALL.

(I took it with us when we went to Europe once. And I read it so fast and didn't have another book to read that I simply reread it.)

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