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Friday, October 12, 2007


I started watching Gilmore Girls in reruns last summer...now I'm such a junkie that I own them all on DVD.

Yes, that hippie chic is Liz...and yes Jess is her son. Crazy, but true.

I thought that Jess's father (played by Rob Estes) was the source of the whole Florida/NYC thing... or maybe I made that up.

On the strange GG facts side, the woman who played Jess's father's girlfriend in California (did you get all that?) also played April's mother in more recent episodes. No fair to have redundant actors!

And also (since I may as well hammer home my geekiness here), there is an episode of Law and Order where Lorelai and Max appear together, though on opposite sides of the case. What in the world!

Don't throw things at me...but I didn't watch GG.

Ooo, I have GG in my Netflix queue, and I've only seen about 4 episodes on TV. Now I'm even MORE intrigued!

yep, liz the hippie is jess's mom. i never noticed that jess's dad's girlfriend was april's mom though. now i'm going to have to look for that next time through the series.

Here's another bit of GG trivia: The episode where Jess went to Cali to see his father was actually the start of a planned spin-off series. It's pretty sad that I know that, isn't it?

Hi! I have never watched GG (ducking).

However! I only wash my hair like twice a week. I am lazy, but not THAT lazy. It really did end up being better for my hair. Here's how it goes for me:

Day One (washing day): Dry hair, straighten hair, wear hair down in all its (somewhat fly-away-prone) glory.

Day Two: wear hair down in real glory, as it is perfect on day two.

Day Three: Wear hair halfway pulled back or (if the grease has begun) in a ponytail.

Day Four: Wear hair in ponytail with a scarf/headband

Day Five: Wash! So this is really Day One. Hmmm.

Anyway, I missed that hair post, because I have been horribly absent, but I wanted to comment on it because the subject is near and dear to my heart :)

I don't watch that show, but on the radio this morning they were interviewing the father on the new Kardashians show or whatever it is called. (I haven't actually watched it yet) So apparently the father and mother both had four kids in their previous marriages and combined their families together like the Brady bunch and then had two kids of their own. Anyway, the father's last name is Jenner...like Brody Jenner from The Hills. I was like, no way. Now I feel like I have to watch the Kardashians!!!

Wait, if I didn't make that clear enough, Brody Jenner is his son!

Oh Gilmore Girls, how I heart thee... let me purchase all seasons on DVD....

And I didn't intend for that to rhyme; just for the record.


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