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Sunday, November 11, 2007


BON JOVI! That's the third time I've heard about Bon Jovi today and I think I'm going to cry. ;) *snuffles*

So was the phone actually returned? I hope so - I'm sort of attached to mine now!

My old phone broke six weeks before the end of my contract in 2004 and I attempted to live without it for the entire time, because I wanted to switch carriers.

I tried to make it fun for my friends--"Phones Attached To Walls Revolution 2004!" but I eventually had to cave when several of them threatened to no longer be friends with me.

hahaha-- loved this post because it was very amusing to read but simultaneously understandable how ridiculously frustrating this story must have been in real-life...Am curious about the update though----did cabdriver#2 return the phone?

Okay, that sucks.

But how white were Jon's teeth?

Ugh, I HATE going without my phone. Even if the battery just dies and I don't have a charger with me for the afternoon. It's so sad that we need them so much!

The internet is dying for an update...did your phone make it home safely?

Not having my phone with me drives me crazy. Even though nobody ever calls me.

Yes, the phone is waiting for me at home. Joel texted Jenny from it on Friday to say it had made its way safely home. Send some nice thoughts to that lovely cabbie for returning it!!

Danielle: No one ever calls me either. But I am still 100% addicted to my phone. Today I forgot to wear my watch and for two whole hours I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TIME IT WAS. I think the world stopped spinning for a few minutes, but I can't prove it.

Jen...that sounds awful. I would panic too, i'm proud of you for going back to (try to) get it.

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