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Thursday, November 08, 2007


I LOVE how they explain how your actual age is based on number of birthdays. Because I was being silly and counting the concentric rings in my arm.

I also love filling out forms!! If you ever want to get together and fill out forms with me, just let me know. I'll make sangria!

But do you really want that extra 1.7 years? What if you get it and you spend it sitting at the bottom of a well. That would suck.

(I suck.)

Ha.. I'm a 23 year old who most likely has a 40 year old's health. Scratch that, try 60.

Haha! Fantasic. I took a similar survey a while back, but instead of my health it was my stress. Allegedly, according to THEM, I am 24 in real-time (birthdays) and 47 in stressed-out time... which is considerably less cool. I guess I really will die of stress. ;o)


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