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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I need some worms education. One of the cats has it, because you saw it in his poop, so you have to medicate them all just in case, right? And keep them away from their poop? Or do they all DEFINITELY have it if one has it, and the meds are treatment?

I forget that not everyone has the benefit of my extensive parasite experience! So, when I found Henry on the street, we had him tested for parasites, since this is a filthy, rat infested city. Sure enough, he had three: tapeworm, roundworm, and coccydia (bad bacteria, like giardia that humans get). We treated him for all three and that should have been that. I kept him in one room, away from the other cats until they were treated so he couldn't pass his worms around.

But when I was scooping the litterbox the other night, I saw what I was 99% sure was a roundworm. I had to take the poop to the vet to confirm my suspicions, and it came back roundworm positive. I assume that the poop was from Henry since he's the only one with a history of roundworms, but I can't be sure since they all share the same litterbox. And in any case, roundworms are easy to transmit, so it's pretty safe to assume that after a year of digging in the same litterbox that they all have it. So we have to treat all three. JOY.

Have I mentioned that I HATE WORMS? HATE.

Ugh I feel your pain. Remember when my parents' dog had worms (back when she was still MY dog) and OMG the worms! Awful. I've never seen a cat with worms but I imagine it's about the same.

Wait...you have to SCRUB litter boxes?

I would die.


Wow, Jen, you are a worms EXPERT. I am impressed. Is that on your resume?

In any case, you are a very good and selfless Cat Mama!!

Ugh! Both of my dogs had worms when I first got them, and that was some of the most horrifying stuff I've ever had to see up close and personal like that!

Hope the kitties are better soon!

I can't believe it. No pictures?


I'm sorry I haven't commented yet, it's just that I've been laughing too hard at these cat/worm posts to type. I'm sorry! I am, it sounds horrible. Horribly funny.

Bloody worms! I am SO sorry.

Having to give oral medicine to cats sounds just as nasty as giving it to bunnies. Actually. Sounds worse.

You've got my sympathies!

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