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Monday, December 17, 2007


Christmas a week early sounds heavenly. If only my family wasn't so close, I could pretend I wanted it early so I could go visit them...

How does one just book a trip to Bacelona on a whim? (Like I should be talking...I booked a weekend getaway to NYC last January with about a week's notice).

Yay for Flickr! Now you find all of your peeps and mark them as contacts!

Yes, I said "peeps."

I meant to dig up even more Barcelona ideas for you over the weekend, but I forgot -- sorry! I guess I have until January to send you more ideas, though, right?

"On a whim"? Who are you?

You are going to Barcelona?!? That is so freakin' exciting! "On a whim"... psssh! You say it so nonchalantly, like it's nothing more than stopping by the local bakery. "On a whim"... honestly!

Secondly - Yay for little bro heading out to Snowbird!! That is one helluva long drive, I hope I-80 isn't closed or too snowy. That Nebraska & Wyoming stretch is torture! But yay for Snowbird! (Approximately 40 mins from my house and absolutely stunning...oh, and excellent skiing, something like that)


Barcelona!! So exciting! I went way back in 2002 and, let's be honest, I barely remember it.

Tell me, 20-year-old-Laurel, why did you choose do DRINK your way through Western Europe? Don't you know that it will make you a useless source of travel advice five years hence?

Will you be my flickr friend?

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