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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, my mother-in-law gave me some golf balls that said Happy Father's Day on them. I am neither a golfer nor a father. On the good side of things, I got an awesome bag to store my knitting, some pretty earrings, and two giant stainless steel trash cans. Woot!

I love this post christmas post. SO AWESOME.

(I also LOVE the haiku shirt. I hadn't seen that one before.)


Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

AS and I set a $25 limit for Christmas gifts, because we're going on vacation over New Year's. I spent $27. He spent $50. Silly boys!!

Santa was good to me...I should blog about it, huh? That would require, like, doing something on my vacation though.

Besides high blood pressure and a vein that now throbs in my forehead, Santa was very generous. Simons got me a black dress coat, a ball winder (for knitting, not more perverted pursuits), and his parents got me an atrocious Lohan-esque sweater from Saks that I traded in and was appalled by how much the credit was- Hello, new pair of Joe’s Jeans! And another Sak’s gift card, so I may buy MORE jeans, because that’s all I wear. My parents got me a camel colored dress coat (unheard of largesse, since I’d been asking for one for about 4 years and now I have TWO!) and clothes. My sister brought me a matryoshka doll back from Russia, because I’ve always wanted one. I’m not a doll person generally though, I swear. Except for the 16 I keep in my bedroom and dress them and groom them every day. Oh ahahahahaha! Not really.

Hopefully Santa didn’t give you anymore worms for Christmas.

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