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Monday, December 17, 2007


You so do not have to justify this trip, really.

You just have to agree to take me with you, and all will be forgiven! Ha.

I'm so happy for you, I have a friend living in Barcelona right now and her pictures are just gorgeous. I know you'll have a great time. (The cat sitting offer totally still stands.)

Are you freaking kidding? You have no kids - until then no one can judge your spending habits on the internet. I wasn't shocked about the cost "on a whim", just the fact that someone, anyone, but especially you, who is anal like me, books a transatlantic flight without major hand-wringing and drama. But you've been to Spain before, so it doesn't even count.

Sweet Jen! :) (btw, if you die of your overdose, i'll go to your funeral and then take that nonrefundable trip before someone else claims it! :) )
I've been to Barcelona TWICE! (in the same year) Once to watch Hedwig play in the rugby world cup and once for PSU rugby tour Loved it both times! We also went to Sitges, a beach town nearby. I LOVED it! but maybe that's because it turned into a rugby small town for the day as all the rugby WC spectators were all there! :)

Can your assistant schedule my dog and cat for their nail trim too? And while your at it can you also spot me a couple thousand for a new car? My 1997 Cavalier is starting to drag just a little. We keep blaming it on the cold weather, could be the 155000 miles.

I think it is damn exciting that you are going to Barcelona. Who am I kidding, I get excited when I get to travel outside of Pennsylvania.

Travel is ALWAYS worth splurging on. Maybe not 5-star hotels and fancy meals, but actually going somewhere and doing something, it's awesome! People who are jealous may just be the types who prefer to fritter their dollars away on hundreds of tiny purchases, which doesn't leave them the flexibility to seize a good opportunity!

I know this because I am a REFORMED fritter-er. Trust me, your way is much better.

Dude, you don't need to justify it. I swear. Just have fun...and take lots of pictures.

(We're taking all three of us to Europe this coming summer. Thanks to FF miles. Trips are always worth the saving in other places.)

Sorry to Kirsten up there, but I think it's obvious that the person who has already emailed Jen some very valuable Barcelona sight-seeing and chocolate-eating information is entitled to the nonrefundable ticket in the event that it can't be used by its original owner. Just so we're all clear.

Whatever Audrey :) I've known Jen for 20 something years :) I so get that trip! (ya know, in case the "original owner" can not use it.

Sorry guys, but I survived the breakfast!

Well, I certainly found the back story on the trip interesting, but not at all necessary! I just can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures and am now going to start stalking the Hotwire site to see what else they're offering up!

If your last post was about how you are preparing to file for bankruptcy, then I would probably judge you. But even then, it's your life, so if you want to go to Barcelona, Muffy, it doesn't matter what I think!

(For the record: I just thought it sounded like fun!)

Umm, yeah. Don't justify. I think it's freaking awesome!

And yes, backstory: interesting, but not necessary. Love, love love the fact that you love traveling!

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