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Thursday, December 20, 2007


I certainly don't envy you having to medicate cats. Ben recently went to the vet for his bordetella (no idea how to spell that) vaccine -- that's the one they squirt up the nose. And he was Not. Having. It. I couldn't hold him still enough for the vet to get the vaccine in his nose, so an assistant came in and had to get on the floor, back into a corner, and do her best to hold him still. And he still kicked and squirmed all over the place. I think he eventually got SOME vaccine in his nose, but it was a serious struggle. And he was pissed.

Oh, my lordy goodness. Clipping Ted's nails seems like a walk in the park compared to this. Not that I want to do that when I get home tonight, but still.

Oh, the things we do for these animals!!

My damn dog had to get a booster shot for rabies and had his ears swabbed for a possible infection. He knocked the vet to the floor, plowed over a tech and left me with approximately 435 billion hairs all over me. Then they squirted stuff in his ears. After that they decided he needed another booster shot.

He has hated me ever since.

Maybe you should just have a baby! Children may be easier.

That's an excellent idea, Laurel! I will get right on that.

Yipes, you're still medicating? You have my gravest sympathies!


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