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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'll take the tour de I-95 with you!

Wow, yeah, that would definitely be rough on your own! Colby and I drove from Louisiana to Washington twice, and it was so much fun stopping along the way to see the sites and seeing the country go by.

Good luck to your brother :)

Wow, that is a long drive to do by yourself! Tim's dad is in the midst of the Atlanta-Colorado Springs drive, which takes him about three days. This will be the second time he's done it, and he and Tim's mom will be driving back after Christmas. Except Tim's dad will still have to drive the whole way because Tim's mom doesn't do Interstate driving. That right there is a lot of driving for one person.

Hope your brother's adventures in Utah are well worth the trip! I'm sure he'll have a great time!

Brooks and I drove from PA to Wyoming one summer in college. It was such a fun adventure for the two of us. At the end of the summer we drove seperatly from WY to TN a week apart. I actually loved doing it by myself too.

Shyze, Des Moines to SLC is one hella long day! I drove Salt Lake to Omaha in August in one day, and it's almost a thousand miles (plus a time change NOT in my favor)... hello LONG! DAY!

Glad he made it here safely.


I'm glad he made it safely.

I hate road trips, but I appreciate that I'm in the minority.

Also, I just got this e-mail from my dad:

"No sun today... rain turning to snow. We will have a white Christmas. I hope to pull kids in the sled."

I'm thinking Michael will be happy!

I've driven across country twice. It was amazing. I'd highly recommend it.

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