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Monday, December 10, 2007


Hi Henry Sr. !!!!

Ooh. That pricetag is very painful. But at least Joel is happy, right? Or, I should say, he'd better be.

It's not the size that matters, right?

It does look very nice, if that helps. I thought Christmas trees were supposed to be blue spruce or something, but apparently I do not know what I am talking about. And I have an artificial tree from SuperTarget anyway, so I really am clueless.

Are you kidding?! I mean, it's a very cute tree and all, but did it come with a side of crack?! Dang, girl.

Holy Shit. We went to a tree farm this year and bought a Frasier Fir. Apparently the red headed step sister to the Douglas? Ours was only $30 and it is almost 8 foot.

I would be telling Joel that he could have rode home in the trunk with the tree. Wait. Trees should never fit in your trunk unless you are driving an 80s model lincoln or cadillac.

Wait another second.

How much does that cat WEIGH?

Who, Henry? He's not even the househould fatcat! It's just a bad angle, I swear. His belly does not sag like that (unlike Max's).

I love the video! And I don't care how small your tree is, it's beautiful!

Oh how innocent Joel looked as he was killing the tree. He had no idea he would be forking out seventy five bones for the damn thing in a few short minutes.

But alas, it is a good tree. And Joel is hot and remind me of Matt Damon. Swoon.

Merry Christmas!

Ha! I can't BELIEVE they charged you $75 for a two-foot tree. At least you could get it in your car though. We had to carry ours about 10-blocks UPHILL to get it home. Every person in San Francisco laughed at us on the way home. And we didn't even get to cut it down. Chopping your own is waaaay cooler.

I love the tree!! It was worth every penny. (You just have to keep repeating that to yourself, because there is no other option.)

Your poor short-statured little tree is probably developing a complex. If it starts to seem droopy, just tell it that it's not the size of the tree that matters, it's the amount of spirit in its branches. Or something profound like that.

omg i would have fallen over and died. Am such a scrooge. A treeless scrooge.

but your tree is cute! I want to call him Dougie.

My family and I used to get real trees and yeah, they would cost like $60-$70. They were much larger...but maybe they weren't "real" Christmas trees, who knows. Regardless, your tree is awesome, even if you could have gotten a robbed at my hair salon with that kind of money.

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