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Friday, December 28, 2007


I wholeheartedly agree iwth you about Bear...although I must confess, my crush on him died a bit when he drank his own pee in the desert. Sigh. But thanks for telling me about the marathon! I know where I'll be most of New Year's Eve...

How'd you like the part where he pissed on his shirt and then wrapped it around his head in the desert? I loved how he couldn't even be bothered to turn away from the camera, so they had to blur it out. That's when my love for him was truly extinguished. or maybe it was when he climbed inside the dead camel carcass.

I always wonder if his wife watches the show. If it were my husband, I'd make him soak in a tub filled with equal parts bleach and antibiotics before he came in the house!

I have tried to give cats liquid medicine, and I've tried to give them pills, and I think pills are much easier.

I do love me some L&O reruns. And have never ever seen a single episode of Man vs Wild, so can't comment.

Madison is a bit of a mutant - a cat actually enjoying having his face washed with water? Crazy!

I had not heard about the scandal, but then, I am not a regular viewer of Man v. Wild.

I hope you enjoyed your L&O marathon!

What about Survivorman? He might not be as hot as Bear, but he is truly out there alone with no crew for 7 days. And so far I haven't seen him drink his own piss. That's just nasty.

Seriously, the writer's strike is killing me. I'm hoping that AS and I will really get our money's worth out of Netflix these next few months.

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