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Sunday, December 02, 2007


The plague does seem to be going around in several different forms, does it not? Feel better soon!

dude that sucks. Food poisoning is the worst. I don't understand why it happens so often. Is it really that hard to make a meal that WON'T make you vomit?

oh god I am sorry. that sounds awful.

Yuck! Next time, you should totally check out the food inside the Hudson News bookstore/expanded newstand (B terminal). Salads, sandwiches, hot comfort food and a decent mini-B&N feel. I stop by there often when flying through ATL!

Oh no Jen! that sucks! hope that doesnt mean you'll never come back :) Note to self: skip chinese food at much visited ATL airport. FEEL BETTER!

I hope the barfing has subsided...feel better soon!

Oh, sad! And thanks for the travel eating tip :)

Oh my God... I hope you're feeling better now...

OH NO. Tip taken. I hope you feel better!

The horror...Oh! The horror!

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