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Friday, January 18, 2008


Are you sure the guy wasn't speaking Catalan to you? Because they speak that in addition to Spanish over there in Barcelona, and it really is an entirely different language -- some Spanish-French combination. If someone says something to you that you don't understand at all, just ask "Castellano, por favor?" Then they'll be sure to speak the Spanish you recognize rather than Catalan.

70 degrees? And BARCELONA??? The jealousy, it is eating me alive right now.

Buen Viaje!

Have a FANTASTIC time!!!

He did speak Catalan, but everyone there insisted that it wasn't a big difference. Thank you for validating me, IT'S NOT THE SAME LANGUAGE. They were all, "people in America speak differently, no? This is the same thing, no?"

And then they looked at me funny when I couldn't translate "Bootylicious".

God, I miss Spain!

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Have a fantastic trip! And yes, I will be checking Flickr, so please post if at all possible...

See you on the flip side!

Have an AMAZING time. I'll be looking for the pictures. Eat lots of food for me. Have some boquerones for me.

WOW, this is going to be an amazing trip. I can't wait to live vicariously through all of your pictures.

HAVE FUN! You will be fine and you'll have an awesome time!

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Have a wonderful time!!! I am so jealous.

Also, normal people totally have to clean the house from top to bottom before leaving for vacation.

be careful! they don't wash their hands in spain! i know that's terrible, but it's the truth.


Am loving the flickr pics. Thanks for sharing this trip with us.

The Flickr photos are awesome,although I'm having to dictate this to Beulah from the floor, seeing as how I have slap DIED OF JEALOUSY! Also, I agree with Laurel. Who wants to home to a gross house? And who wants the housesitter to think you live with dirty baseboards?

My God. I majored in Spanish, too. Thank God I also majored in English, because at least I can speak *that* most of the time. Spanish? Gives me trouble now, even though I studied abroad in Toledo, Spain one summer, um, eleven years ago. (Was it really that long???) Anyway, what you were saying is so similar to what I go through, that I just had to tell you.

P.S. Just think, when you blithely posted this before your trip, you didn't know that in your very next post you would be announcing that you were engaged, did you? Or did you actually know? Well, it's a fun thought.

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