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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


OMG OMG is that what I think it is! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!


I was totally going to star this and leave it in Google Reader for tomorrow. I'm so glad I scrolled down!!!!


Also, I am working on a design for bachelorette party shirts. I'm invited, right?


Sorry, I forgot to add that the ring is beautiful.

Oh my gosh! Look at you! Saving the good shit till the very end like that! I already had my comment all planned out too, and now, I have to be all Congratulations and OMFG look at that rock! And I can't just say "HEY YOU'RE BAAAACK!" And how I missed you. Way to kill a girl's dream.

Ok. Seriously. Congratulations! This is so effin' awesome! Getting engaged in Spain totally trumps my proposal in Ft. Lauderdale.

Holeeeee crap! Congrats!

Your ring is Beeeeee-autiful! Although it must be hard holding your hand up under all that weight :)

And welcome home...there's no place like it.

Congratulations from a lurker! Glad to see you're back and safe and posting. :)

And again, congrats! The ring is beautiful!

OMG congratulations congratulations!! What a GORGEOUS stunner of a ring you have got yourself there. Happy wedding planning :) You officially must check out www.weddingbee.com. Best wedding blog ever.

Congratulations, that's fantastic! And the ring is beautiful. :)

Congrats Jen and Joel!!! How romantic and wonderful! :)

Congratulations!!! It must have been a terribly wonderful proposal--can't wait to hear all about it! The ring is gorgeous!

OMG :) CONGRATS! I check your blog faithfully, yet it seems my entire family beat me to it! Its not really fair joke's been up for more than 6 hrs with the time difference :)
CONGRATS! Are going to give details on the proposal??:) So exciting!!

Congrats!!! What an awesome end to a vacation. :)

OMG!!!!! I COULD NOT CLICK OVER TO COMMENT FAST ENOUGH! I was going to be all "WOW you met Matt Damon in Spain!" but JEN!!! Your ring is gorgeous!! How romantic!!!! Can't wait to hear details.

congratulations!!! your ring is so pretty!!

Welcome back & congratulations! Your ring is gorgeous!

Yay, congratulations!!! I think it is especially funny since I sent you that panicked email when I thought your manicure shot was a context-less engagement shot. Good thing you got that manicure, huh?

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Congratualtions!! Did he propose in Barcelona? Because that is maybe the most romantic thing ever! I cannot wait to hear all the details of your trip, but I think we're all going to need a detailed proposal story first! Congrats!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG I just squealed and I'm totally at work and I think people are kind of wondering what is wrong with me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROPOSAL STORY, STAT!

Now since I'm getting married in June I'll have loads of assvice for you. Dude, seriously, being engaged is so much fun! And also, because everyone always asked me like the day after I got engaged and I was like WTF,!!!I will ask you...have you thought about when you might like to get married?? See, isn't that the most annoying question right now. You're all like, Lindsey, jeeez, we JUST GOT ENGAGED. LMAO

Seriously, seriously, I am SOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Also, that ring is sooo gorgeous!

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Congratulations!

Yippity Skippity! That is so awesome! What an exciting time! Congrats to Joel and you! HUGS!

Um, when you mentioned that you got engaged you didn't tell me that Joel bought you the hughest ring in the history of the world. Damn sister!

And also, congrats to both of you (and your kitties).

I just noticed that someone else mentioned that Joel looks like Matt Damon. Phew, it isn't just me.

(Also, I had a thought last night...what if Joel is really Joel Damon and you just haven't told us that.)

Hurray and Congrts!! That is so exciting!! I'm so happy for you both; and the kitties. ;o)


What a gorgeous ring. Congratulations to you and Joel.


CONGRATS. Gorgeous ring & sounds like you had a great trip!

Oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just forgot everything else you said as soon as I saw that gorgeous ring :)

Congratulations!!! Gorgeous ring!

Jen!! Congrats! SO exciting! I totally second Lindsey's comments... as u might know I am recently engaged (not quite 2 months) and I am working on a date, but jeesh that is all people ask "when is your date". Oh well, i just smile and shrug my shoulders becuase obviously we're gonna figure something out! Plus if the worst stress is wedding stress... you have a good life :)
COngrats to you both!

By the way LOVE your ring!! Its actually a VERY similar set-up as mine (same cut too-- cushion?) love it!

AAAHHHH!!! What a trip! And to think, you and I were BOTH so nervous to go on our vacays!

CONGRATULATIONS! And details, please!!

THAT is what I was hoping you'd come home and tell us! YiPPEEEEE! COngratulations!! Tell your fiance he has great taste!!!

SO thrilled for you. :)

Oh my God! Congratulations! That is such great news!

And welcome back!

How's THAT for a trip to Spain? So awesome! Congratulations lovey, I'm super happy for you! xo

It's beautiful. Congratulations!

Oh man! The blindness! The dazzle! The sparkle! The shimmering rock of luuuuuuurve!!!

So how did he ask? Where were you? What did he say? What did you say? Did you cry? Was he totally terrified of losing the ring? Did he have a plan? I bet he was totally armed against pickpockets.

That ring is GORGEOUS!

I'm a bit late to the party, but... CONGRATS!!!

And that ring is amazing!

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