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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Dude. Did I mistakenly give your package to the Pony Express?
I don't have mail problems that bad, but I have noticed a lack of mail received on Fridays. I think whoever works the Friday shift must play hookey all day.

My biggest pet peeve is receiving something "postage due." Um, excuse me? I am not the one who sent this package with insufficient postage, so why am I the one who has to pay for someone else's mistake? And if I'm not allowed to leave the payment in the mailbox without getting bitched out by my mail carrier, how am I supposed to ever get this package? Do you really expect me to drive to the post office and wait in line for 30 minutes just to hand over 10 cents THAT I SHOULD NOT OWE IN THE FIRST PLACE???

Really irritates the hell out of me.

I ordered something from Target and received an order confirmation saying that it had shipped with DHL. So I track the package and it supposedly arrived on Saturday. No package ever came to our front door (where they're usually left), I waited until Tuesday and then sent an email to Target saying that my package had vanished and they were kind enough to send me a replacement order for free. Last night I went to check my mail and there were two keys in our slot for the larger lockers at the bottom for packages. One was a wedding present, the other was the missing Target package! What the heck? I thought the mailbox was just for post office use--is DHL affiliated with the USPS? And where was it hiding between Saturday and Wednesday when it showed up in the mailbox? I am so confused by these things.

But oh man, cracking the heck up over the fact that you had a package dumped in your shrubs and then a kindly note stating "left in PLANT"!! Ha!

i ship EVERYTHING to my office. I can't trust my own mail delivery one stinking bit.

I am still undecided on the feliway. My cats are still fighting but no more couch peeing episodes at least. (grrrr)

I sort of hate the mail. But I'm like Janet, ship everything to the office. For some reason, the postal service in Midtown is much more reliable than in the residential neighborhoods!

Wow, why don't they have something like that for dogs??

I work in an 8-floor building and it takes an average of 3 work hours (in an 8-hour day) for a package to make it up one floor.

I'm afraid most of my Christmas postcards didn't get delivered. Nobody has really mentioned that they got one. And also, one was returned to me YESTERDAY. (One I sent my grandpa. I'm not sure why it wasn't delivered.)


I live in VA and my parents live in AZ, if either of us sends the other one something Priority it takes 9-14 days to get there. If we send it regular mail is takes 3-4 days.

I think your "Plant" takes the cake though.

And to Angela, sometime DHL handles the package only until it reaches your local USPS and then the USPS delivers it...I guess they split the shipping fee then.

We have lots of probs with our mail service too.

Hope the chocolates were yummy. And Mariage 101 is a super cool chicky. (Got to meet her last month.) Hope you get to meet her at some point too, if you haven't already!)

Also...I will miss you while you're away. Please keep us updated.

Oh, and HAVE FUN!

I mailed out my Christmas cards and my Grandma never got hers. She lives with my mom. My mom got hers to the SAME house. And they live like 10 miles from me. Chicago was rated the WORST in the nation for USPS.

My girl cat went through a peeing stage too. She would do it right in front of me too. And she ruined a perfectly good, cute cat bed in the process. I thought she had some sort of infection, but no. Vet said she was just a bitch. The Feliway totally helped!

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