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Monday, January 07, 2008


It sounds miserable!! But I was going to suggest Dove. So I guess my suggestion is...black shirts. HAVE YOU GOOGLED THIS CONDITION?

I have only ever found one deodorant that works for me. I used to sweat through my shirts every single day. My magical deodorant is Secret Platinum. My white shirts do get stained after I wear them for a few (three or four maybe?) months though. Maybe pre-treating them or using bleach would help.

Oh, dear. I'm sorry, I have no suggestions. I'm more of a head-sweater, what with the black hair and all. In the summer, my forehead and scalp are disgusting, and I emanate hatred to all of the glowy girls who are just flaunting their lack of red cheeks and sweat dripping down their faces. Grr.

Where I work, the humidity is set to 40% on purpose. I can't be cozy in a sweater because I will sweat like I am having a hotflash.

As for deodorant, I have no suggestions. The curse of the pitstain also drives me crazy. I hope you find a solution (and share it with the rest of us)!

I rarely sweat under my arms but I use LadySpeedstick 24/7 I think (purplish/pink dry stick). I don't wear many white shirts as it is because they seem to turn dingy over time regardless of how much bleaching I do - not in the armpits really, but just dingy in general.

I use Certin-Dri, which is high powered. (Because I AM a sweater.) You use it at night, which takes some getting used to, but it's really worked for me.

I'm not sure if it contains aluminum, but it's definitely on the NON-hippie, chemical-rich side of the spectrum, so it may not solve this particular problem!

I gave up wearing white shirts years ago. And if a sleeve actually touches my armpit, it's all over.

I use Secret Platinum also and it seems to help. But still, NO white shirts for me.

Good luck.

I really don't believe there's a perfect miracle deodorant out there, but the best one I've ever used is the Mitchum brand--but the stick, NOT the gel. And if the ladies version isn't high powered enough for you, maybe try the men's?

And I've never used these before, but they seem like a pretty ingenious idea for at least your nicer work shirts... http://www.kleinertsshields.com/ It probably wouldn't be very practical for all of your t-shirts though, but definitely worth a try I should think!

The aluminum does cause the stain. However, it's also the aluminum that works as the anti-perspirant. It's a vicious cycle!

It's because it's a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant. I tried that stuff once too, but had to go back to my regular stuff because I sweat quite a bit at times. I just live with the stains now, because I'd rather have stains than sweat marks.

Hey, I hear it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!!! I hope it's fabulous!

Wait! It's your birthday! HUGS!!!

DUDE....I am the WORST internet friend on the face of the internet. I had no idea that today is your birthday.

So um yeah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May your day be filled with lots of books, no Christmas sweaters and no arm pit stains.

I have heard many wondrous things about Kiehl's deodorant. Many women use it on their wedding day because they'll be wearing strapless dresses and want to be able to dance in a carefree manner all night and still smell fresh as a flower at the end of the night. I don't know whether or not it contains alumninium, but I would most likely expect it to also be made of unicorn tears and rainbows seeing as all their products are priced skyscraper high. But, it works.

Happy freakin' birthday! (my wish for you: may you have no more pit sweats)

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