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Thursday, January 31, 2008


So, has the guy called you yet to offer you the position of President of Huge Company?

Also, Joel is a lucky man.

(I can't wait for the sweet proposal story. Get on it. STAT.)

(You're not really a vegetarian? We can't be friends.)

You crack me up. I love your blog
Funny- when i was reading..i did think..she's got her business card on her??:) haha. I dont even have one. apparently my company doesn't think I'm important enough to have one.
Also- I really wish i knew how much our house smells like "DOG" now that we have 2. but thye are worht it..and I don't smell it. (most of the time)

I just had a recent revelation in regards to my house smell too. No cat pee, just the smell of "old" (although now that I write that, maybe it is cat pee from previous owners. ACK!). Now I'm totally self-conscious to have people over! I'm going to have to try your candle trick.

I have been meaning to tell you I bought the dog version of Feliway. I wish I had gotten it from Amazon like you indicated because holy schnikes that shit cost a fortune at Petsmart. Anyway, we had to put it in a plug behind a nightstand so that Sherman doesn't get to it and...I don't know...drink it maybe...and I am very skeptical about how much it is getting out into the room. I mean...it's not like I can smell it? Of course the package says it could take up to 4 weeks to work which is exactly how long the refill lasts. We'll see. I got it hoping that our little dog wouldn't freak the F out when the big dog or J comes to bed a couple of hours after we do.

Wow, I should write product reviews, I am really good at this.

Oh!!! My car has phantom musty odor too. It could be that it has 154,000 miles on it. But it has a random musty smell that likes to appear mainly in the summer but then it will surprise you and do it in the dead of winter. Really, I think it was in a flood in the 9 months that someone else owned it.

PS. OMG OMG OMG Holy mother hell shit fire - You GOT ENGAGED! And you are totally allowed to wedding rant and such. Just be prepared for everyone and their mother's assvice.

JEN! I'm so honored-- i got a shout-out! I don't even know your email so hit me up :P

Ugh, we had that situation when my cat Caitlin started going senile. Cat piss smell, everywhere. We had to steam clean our house twice. Now, it seems to be mostly gone.

Anyway, congrats on your trip to Spain. I'm enormously jealous. Seriously.

You two ought to have gone to Panera anyway...

Squeeeee.. be as wedding-ish as you like. I need to live vicariously though YOU, miss Jen!

YES!! Super Sweet Diabetic Coma proposal story! NOW!!!

Also, sometimes I walk into my bedroom and it smells... like the bedding you put in a hamster cage. I have no idea how it could smell that way, but it always manages to embarrass me. Is that how my BEDROOM always smells?

Oh My God! You're getting maaaaarried! How utterly fabulous!

A ring and no cat pee...what else can a girl ask for?

I had to laugh when you were writing about using the word fiance in a conversation. My now-husband and I were engaged for just over a year, and do you know how long it took me to get used to calling him my fiance? Never. Because by the time I was about at that point, I was allowed to call him husband, which was even weirder. For the longest time I was afraid that I would refer to him as my fiance (or, later, husband) and get a poor, pitying look from someone, only to find out that I had a slip of the tongue and we weren't actually engaged (or married). Weird. I also avoid calling people by their names whenever possible, for a similar reason.

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