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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I'm impressed! that's a lot of goals, and I think you did pretty freakin awesome on them! so congrats! Do you really write these down? or did you blog about them last year and that's why you have a copy of your goals. i never was one to do new years resolutions. maybe I should try it.
oh yeah- props to Max for being a good sport and being good for his mommy's bday! Let's hope peeing in the litterbox EVERY TIME is HIS new years resolution!!

You really did a great job with your resolutions from last year--color me impressed!

And I'm really looking forward to your book reviews.

Oh! And Happy Birthday!

I say, of all the bad things people do (to themselves and others)...sweatshirts and jeans on the weekends isn't even on the bottom of the list. That's awesome that you worked out so much...a year is a long time to maintain a record like that.

I am totally amazed at your (and other people's) willingness to make a giant slew of resolutions. I have all of TWO.

I also enjoyed the academic grading system here, because we all know that no one cares if it is not on the test.

I have struggled every year since I turned 20 with the whole age deal. I think it is because I have certain age related goals in my life and holy hell they are getting close.

Resolutions... are for the birds. Talk to me tomorrow when I get out of the crotchety crabhouse I am in.

Your resolutions are great and you did a wonderful job! I think finishing The Wall was probably enough of a resolution for the entire year!

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I totally missed the boat yesterday. Glad it was happy.

Wow, you did good work on last year's resolutions!

If you think 27 is bad, wait until 30.

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