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Friday, February 22, 2008


Winter spoiled me with 3 snow days last year, and this year there hasn't even been a chance of one. Look, winter, just because you go all over the top one year, that does not mean you get to slack off the next year. It's either snow days or 50-degree days. Nothing in between is acceptable.

I'm guessing you didn't get a snow day today? Me neither! Harrumph!

I think Winter is just misunderstood! She just needs some structure, some support. I believe in her.

Now, Humidity is a whole different story. You can send that kid straight to military school, for all I care.

winter totally just gave you the finger when your back was turned. expect another half assed storm to get your hopes up then dump a day of rain on you to protest.

this weather blows :(

(p.s. hi i'm delurking!)

Dear Winter,

You are an angsty teenager with too many emotions... please enter strict boarding school until you are well on your way to adulthood and spare me your crazy and completely illogical ups and downs.

The Management


You can have some of our snow! It's been snowing non-stop here since December!

I think she has just been told.

Oh, snap!

That was hilarious! Let us know if it helps, will you?

Dude, we were all so worked up Thursday evening, there was no way in hell I was going in to work Friday (plus my parents were still in town). But you're right, it didn't do a damn thing. We stayed inside all day anyway.

All this DOOM AND GLOOM for nothing, and then last week they totally boff the ICE STORM and people spend 8 hours on I-95. WTF WEATHER CHANNEL?!

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