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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I went to the knot right when we got engaged, added all my shit, sent links, looked at checklists, etc, etc. Then I never looked at it again unless I was trying to stalk a former friend.

I also bought one of those giganto binder your wedding will be the best of the best binders and wrote in it like twice. I ended up giving the 30 dollar bitch away.

Really excel spreadsheets became our best friends.

Well that and the Michael's scrapbooking.

I kid, I kid.

Ahh, I've already found a great dress option for myself and I don't even have a man http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product.jhtml?id=prod63050201

So no, you're not going to be a bridezilla.

Don't worry, once you get an organizational system down, you will feel less bridezilla-y. I loved the knot checklist and the budget -- found them both really helpful when I really didn't know where to start.

Regarding Joel's comment about your dress not being "wedding-y"? Just assure him that when he sees you walking down the aisle in it, it'll SCREAM "wedding dress."

I got a really nice, simple photo album from Target that I used for my wedding pictures. It was very understated, brown and cream, with just a few simple details already on the pages. I can't find it on their website, but it looks like they have a lot of similar options.

You have my permission to turn this blog into Operation Bridzilla if all posts are this awesome.

You are hilarious. Also, a great tip I learned from the many (so many!) weddings I have been in is not to inform places that you are getting married. For example, if you order a cake, tell them it is for a party and not a wedding, for some reason it is WAY cheaper. Of course, if you're planning on putting a little plastic bride and groom on top that might not work so well...

Okay, there are all these things I was going to say about how you shouldn't feel bad about briding out on us, and yay, wedding planning, but then I saw the scrapbook pages, and seriously? There are LEVELS for scrapbooking?? And here I thought I was okay just cutting my pictures into pretty shapes and putting stickers on pages. I feel so ill informed about my craft now!

But seriously, the Knot does have an awesome checklist, although some of the due dates are a bit premature in my opinion. But it does a good job of keeping you on track. Also, it's a great idea in theory to keep it a secret from the vendors that you're getting married, but I found it kind of impossible to pull off in practice. I mean, I think they'll notice when they're there delivering all of your items and there are men running around in tuxes and girls in matching dresses. Plus I'm a terrible liar and could never pull it off to begin with ;)

can i be invited to your fake engagement party - since you know, we live in the same city & all? I can totally attend!!!

1) TheKnot breeds Bridezillas. Don't let them get to you. It's a fount of information, but seriously, weddings do not need to cost upwards of $50K.

2) Love the dress! It's not babydoll, it's empire waist, so don't worry. I highly recommend checking out J. Crew for their options, too. Nic, that was MY wedding dress! And, what the heck was Joel doing looking at the dress options?

3) How does a fake engagement party work?

Oh my gosh that cat photo at the bottom there is so funny I nearly passed out from laughing too hard. And now everyone on my msn list has the url copied/pasted to them, lol!

Don't apologise for talking about weddings - it's fun.

Not only are you posting these pictures and links but we are devouring them. Everyone loves a good event to plan. Those invites are gorgeous. I love that dress. My friend Seagrass Girl had one similar (I am sending you a picture right now) and she was the HOTTEST bride I have ever seen. Seriously. She looked awesome. Joel's opinion doesn't count, just use the excuse that the groom can't see the dress before. FOUR WEEKS for resizing? That is insane. I would be buying myself a fake one to wear in the meantime. I will totally host your FEP if it means you can get your ring back sooner. I have a girlfriend getting married in March and she is NOT on theknot.com. It drives me insane. I couldn't live without that site! We ALL love weddings, isn't it OBVIOUS?

I, for one, love Bridezilla Jen! Weddings provide a lot of good material to snark on.

Also, I need you to be my Facebook friend so that I can get alerts like this about your fake wedding date.

We got married in DC in 2005. We got our invitations from invitationoutlet.com and they looked fine. Not engraved, mind you, but fine.

I wore a bridesmaid dress from Nicole Miller. A red one. But she does make some lovely blush/ivory colored things that are much less expensive than wedding dresses.

We got cake from Cake Love (4 different flavored smaller ones) to save money since wedding cakes can be pricey.

For us, paying for everything ourselves was important because we come from different faith traditions and our respective sets of parents wanted X, Y, Z that we didn't -- by paying for everything ourselves, we were able to control much more.

Best of luck.

Love the dress, love the cats (love the LOL Cats SOOOO much! Hi-larious!)

And once-upon-a-time I heard that ordering invitation from Kinko's is actually quite economical...I had this "friend" who did that and was really quite satisfied. Printed off a million engagement pics from Costco and had 650 invites for less than $150. Not too shabby!


Engagement scrapbooks? Really? WTF?

That dress is gorgeous!!!

We made our own invitations. They were cheap, pretty, and no one knew that we made them ourselves. Spend money on the dress and photographer...not the invites. That's my only wedding planning advice!

The dress is beautiful. An empire waist definitely doesn't make one look preggers, it defines the smallest part of your body so it makes most women look like they have a fabulous figure.

bring on the wedding talk! there is no shame. Some of us miss it! *ahem ahem

I love theknot.com. It definitely helped me to remember all of the little details when I was engaged. They also send you a monthly magazine full of great engaged and married tips. Not a bad place to start.

This post made me giggle out loud - because that last LOLCAT is precious. And lists! Lots of lists! Ha!

I don't think it's sad that you were looking at wedding dresses for two hours. I think it's sad that *I* have been guilty of doing that, and I'm not even ENGAGED.

(P.S. That dress? Is simple and elegant and beautiful!)

Gosh-- your entry today is EXACTLY me. I delayed even starting to look at place 2 months!! I decided to start a knot.com thing but i totally wrote a fake name and such bc i was afraid of it being linked to my anything, and especially random pple looking me up. BUt honestly, i think the check list from a MARTHAstewart Bridal magazine (at the end in an index) is JUST AS good. I'm trying to stay a little away from this "wedding business" paraphanalia, but its just so damn tempting. a year ago (pre-engagement) i rolled my eyes at all that blah, and now i can't get enough! (slight exaggeration... i swear..kind of).

Those cat things crack me up!

Also, I promised I wouldn't talk much about my wedding, but then I realized that people like hearing about that crap. I was good for a while, but now it's all wedding, all the time.

I LOVE that dress!!!!! It is definitely a wedding dress...what does Joel know anyway?? ;-)

Those cat things crack me up!

Also, I promised I wouldn't talk much about my wedding, but then I realized that people like hearing about that crap. I was good for a while, but now it's all wedding, all the time.

I LOVE that dress!!!!! It is definitely a wedding dress...what does Joel know anyway?? ;-)

ooopsie...i accidentally posted twice.

Well, I will use this time to say the knot checklist is KEY!

Maybe it makes me a crazy un-bride since I love reading about your wedding plans (And really anyone's - I don't discriminate).

Don't worry. This happens to everyone...which can actually be a little annoying, because who wants to be a cliche, but it's true and can be comforting. ooh, have you checked out Priscilla's wedding dresses yet? They're soooo amazing, although ridiculously expensive. But just for fun...

By the way, don't read my blog post today, because it wasn't intended for you or about you, but it might unintentionally feel like it was and dampen your wedding enthusiasm which I do not want to do and was merely in a bitchy humor and wanting to stab Simons with flaming knitting needles of fury.

Anyway, I have a GILLION wedding websites, considering I've written a GILLION articles for weddings. And when I planned my own, I sneakily went to all my wedding coordinators and pretended like I was writing something just so I could ask them questions for free. Haha! Like how to pick flowers and do favors and choose color schemes (Blush and Bashful!). So let me know, and I will send you a bank of URLs for your obsessing pleasure.

I loved TheKnot.com lists although they always made me feel like I was slacking. Timelines can be flexible, right?

Oh, and lay off the caffeine! Or don't. I find it rather entertaining. :)

Congrats! And by the way, I always love hearing all about wedding plans. Only being able to have one wedding per lifetime and all, I didn't quite get my fill yet.

We all like praise, but a hike in our pay is the best kind of ways.


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