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Sunday, February 03, 2008


I love love that story, and all the humor with which you told it. That Joel is a keeper!

also, is it too early to suggest a destination wedding?

What a great story!! I totally got goosebumps. Sigh.

(If I still end up going to prison for assaulting engaged people will you still bake me a wedding cake with a shiv in it? Even though you've "crossed over"?)

Silly girl, no one gags at proposal stories! They are MEANT TO BE SWEET. :)

Congrats to you two!

awww...that's such a great story!

What a perfect proposal story! So adorable it's sick. (The good kind of sick, of course)

Oh, that's not too sappy at all! Good for Joel for keeping it short and sweet! I hate having to fake enthusiastic listening when the guy is going ON AND ON with some epic love poem about how they met at some coffee shop before he strikes up an acoustic guitar set and lights a candle for every time they kissed.

Er. Sorry about that.

Congratulations, again!

(P.S. My ring had to be sized down to a 4.5. Is that freakishly skinny?)

what a great story & now the planning begins!!!!

Congrats to you!!!1

I love it. That was awesome, and my favorite part is how the picture at the end, the super cute one of the newly engaged couple, also features a giant butt on the left side of the shot :)

It's all so fun. Congratulations again!

Confession numero uno: those pictures were all taken on the last day of the trip, not right after the proposal. We had to go back to so I could take proper pictures.

Confession numero dos: I wore the same outfit I had on for The Proposal for that last day. On purpose. For the pictures.

What a wonderful story! Thanks for telling us! Again, congratulations!!!

Oh, that was such a good story! Thanks for sharing it. And I know what you meant about the "in a flash" thing; it happened so fast when hubbs proposed, too. Only we were on a hike and my hands were all swollen (as they get when they're hanging down by my sides, swinging, for a long time) so the ring didn't fit right, at first!

What an adorable story!! I always have wondered what goes through boys minds right before they pop the question. I remember Colby was so quiet, and just kept saying that he wanted to "walk a little more"--it must be so wonderful but nerve wracking!!

Your ring is gorgeous, and I'm just so happy for you both :) Congratulations!

Oh, I'm sighing so blissfully reading this! (siiiiigh! ahhhhhhh.... l'amour!) So roooomantic. So Europeeeean!

You're so lucky to have had a full week of walking on super secret cloud nine, just the two of you. And now, you're making honest children out of your kitties.

I can't think of anything more perfect than a European engagement. *swoons*

Who knew that Joel was such a romantic? I love it. What a sweet, sweet story. And I love that Joel did it at the start of your trip so that you could spent the rest of your trip being engaged and all alone together.

Thanks for sharing.

(Also, I know all about the walking European vacation weight loss program. That's how I lost 6 pounds while visiting Europe pregnant. WALKING!)

I love love love your story!

Tim made me watch the super bowl, too, even though neither of us likes sports. And then do you know what he did? He fell asleep! With his head on my lap so I couldn't move to get to the remote and I had to sit there and watch football while he slept. It sucked. I didn't let it go on too long before I woke him up.

(I just read your comment about wearing the same outfit for the sake of pictures. You rule.)

Congratulations! Now we'll both be married to Joels. I'm sure your guy is just as great as mine....

p.s. Can't wait to read more about the impending wedding AND Spain!

Poor Joel. Why can't unsuspecting brides ever cooperate? They never do. It's always "I know you really have to pee but I am TRYING TO PROPOSE ON THE BEACH!!!"

What a wonderful story. A Barcelona-themed wedding?

I said SHUT UP! SHUT UP! When Edgar asked me...I couldn't believe it...everything did happen so fast and things just got really blurry. I hear that is how the wedding day is too, except I hope I don't say SHUT UP instead of I DO. Anyway, I could not be happier for you and Joel! YAY!!!!!!!

So, when are you going to have kids? LMAO ;-)

I just found you via Alyndabear and Janet (Love is blonde). Congrats on getting engaged! (And in "my" city too, yay!) I was actually just up there (where you got engaged) the other weekend! Beautiful place to be asked the question. :)
Have fun planning the wedding! :)

Congrats! I found you via Alyndabear. I love your story. I too came back from a trip to see my long term, long distance boyfriend with some bling. (And I totally didn't expect it!)

Congrats! I found you via Alyndabear. I love your story. I too came back from a trip to see my long term, long distance boyfriend with some bling. (And I totally didn't expect it!)

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