Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yay! Engagement-quest-barrage commiseration! I didn't bother to look at the eclipse last night; does that make me a bad nerd?

wait till you're married. then every time you see your in-laws it'll be "when are you having a baby?" "i really want to be a grandpa." all.the.time. btw...lolcat languge..awesome!

I have never gotten a LOLCat greeting on Flickr. Your Flickr must know you well!

Yay for your brother!

Haha, I love the LOLgreeting, that's great.

And congrats to your brother, just a family full of weddings :)

My mother asked me for the date when I called to tell her he had asked me. We had been engaged 45 minutes.

We set it about a week later.

Haha, love the LOLhello, fantastic!

And congrats to any and all OPH relations who are now, or will shortly become engaged! Worry about something important, like world peace or the rising price of chocolate... don't sweat the small stuff, no matter what day you get married you'll celebrate every year; no worries!


You know you will get out of work and my ass will be sitting here all day. We have 5 inches and expect 3 more inches at least. Every surrounding school is closed and here I sit. F.

Clearly you are learning the appropriate questions to ask a newly engaged couple. I am proud of you, grasshopper.

We never get out of work. I don't think there's been a single day when we've been closed because of weather the whole 4 years I've worked at this place. So since there's no hope for me, I will instead keep my fingers crossed for you.

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