Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hey- so here I am again (i recently have been checking everyday where i used to just check in sporadically with your blog-) Maybe its the wedding thing? But just wanted to add that I too, spent HOURS trying to take a pretty picture of my ring. Friends and Family abroad requested pix, and of coures I wanted to do my ring justice and its SO hard! So i totally feel your pain there, glad to read I am not the only one!

Are you going to give us a photo of the mural you did???

It is just SUCH a gorgeous ring! Squeeeee!!!

Ummm...nevermind. You sneaky people who don't link to every single Flickr photo.

I did post pictures of my "artwork" on Flickr, but only my flickr "friends" can see them for privacy reasons... if you want to see them, email me or add me as a contact on flickr and I'll mark you as a "friend"!

Taking ring pictures is hard! I have to say, you did far better than I've ever been able to with my own ring, so good job!

I love your posts. Really, really love them.

Oh, and I had to work yesterday. But the daycare was closed. IDIOTS.

It is ridiculously hard to take a good picture of a diamond - it just does not want to be not blurry or a big flash. Nevertheless, yours is obviously gorgeous.

I had the day off, can we still be friends?

I love your ring!

What a gorgeous ring! Congrats again :)

The ring is gorgeous! So glad you took the time to take pictures so we could drool all over them. And your nails are impressive, too. So shiny and perfect.

I love your ring... it's too gorgeous!

I know exaclty how hard it is to get a good picture of your ring. (I finally succeeded with my best friend's new 10 or 12 megapixel camera). But it is beautiful, and you can always say, the pictures don't do it justice or it's just too sparkly to photograph well. :-)

i had a hard time taking pictures of my ring too. yours were great though. and i had to work on monday too, so i totally feel your pain.

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