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Monday, March 31, 2008


I think they pull it from the address book on your computer, so anyone you've ever exchanged e-mails with ends up on there.

No, Nic, it's the aliens. I know it is. How else would they know where my Flickr page is? IT ISN'T EVEN UNDER THE SAME NAME!

OH YEAH -- and how did The Knot know where my facebook page was?? ALIENS R IN MY BRAINZ!!1!

Wow, that kind of has me simultaneously freaked out and intrigued!

I'm such a cyber stalker... it's kind of embarrassing.

Oh, that sounds plausible and not that scary, Nic! Let's go with that.

It sounds kind of like when Amazon tells you what other people who have viewed the product have bought, and you're like, "Ooh, I would like that!" Only this is kind of creepy, and you don't get any fun packages in the mail as a result.

I always wonder about that too - big bro is always watching!!

Also, get on those Nip/Tuck eps in your DVR - the finale was almost too much to handle!

That they got the info from my address book does make sense -- but I am sure they never told/asked me if their program could look in my computer address book, or if they did, it was completely buried in legaleses or Terms of Agreement and that freaks me out. I think it's totally different than Amazon's showing me things other people have viewed, because in that case, Amazon is taking THEIR data and using it to make recommendations -- while LinkedIn is taking MY data and comparing it with theirs. Like, if Amazon searched my address book and then showed me things my friends have recently purchase, that would freak me out too!

Yeah, if they can/do look up your address book...I'm totally freaked out. NOT COOL.

(Crap, do I need to take down my MySpace profile? But how will my exhusband know I'm hott if I take it down?)

I feel that way about the "you may know" feature on Facebook. (It's new.) It keeps showing me a friend from high school who I had a falling out with 4 years ago. I'm like, "I DO know her... we do know lots of the same people, but don't taunt me with the fact that we are no longer friends!"

yeah, I just basically try not to think about that stuff. I also try to keep my profiles so that there is enough info that I can approve of what's there, and not much more. The world doesn't need to know what I had for breakfast. Oh wait, I have a blog for that...

Facebook does that now too, it's sort of crazy.

I'm partially fascinated by who they might link me up with and terrified by who they might link me up with. (And how to be honest.) My hubby is a huge geek and loves that site.

I know! It's terrifying. Did you read how Facebook was getting in trouble for linking people's purchases to their Facebook pages for all their friends to see? Things like pregnancy and AIDS tests! I've already had trouble with blogger getting purchased by Google and Flickr getting purchased by Yahoo, so all my blog and email things are getting linked and outed. It makes me want to call someone and shriek at them.

I am on linked in and am so mehhhh about it. I am on Facebook and mehhh about it. I am also on myspace and mehhhh about it. But the thing is that I have to do it because everyone else does.

Damn being a follower.

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