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Thursday, March 27, 2008


I watch Girlicious too! I can't help it! It is on after ANTM and I just... leave the CW on. It's totally involuntary, I swear!

I want a picture of Lydah printed at the top of my receipts when I take her to the vet. Twice a month. Hey, I can't complain though. It's a lot better than when I was taking her TWICE A DAY.

Damn animals, with all their lovability.

Several things:

1. I think that's called being a "carbatarian" (it's delicious!)

2. Why won't Andrew ever go on walks with me?!?!

3. That snake story? Just no.

Haha, you know how I feel about The Pussycat Dolls... but my DVR didn't record it this week--argh! I'm suffering from hoochie drama withdrawal.

And now I'm all creeped out by the thought of squished rats and big snakes.

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