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Monday, March 17, 2008


OMG rotflmao! That is exactly how I sound when I'm trying to fall asleep. I hate when the places I have to go and the things I have to do make me feel claustrophobic. Thanks, I need lots of laughs on Mondays :o)

Oh my gosh that was SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. That is exactly, EXACTLY what my brain does, always at 2am when there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of it.

The epitome of frustrating, but so funny to read the thoughts from someone else's sleep-deprived brain!

Love it! I feel your pain.

So incredibly brilliant! And do you know what makes those kind of nights even worse? When your charming significant other falls into bed and is asleep before his head hits the pillow. Ugh. Annoying!

LMAO Wow, yeah I know exactly where you are coming from. The past three nights once I've falled asleep I've had all of these stressful "things I have to do for the wedding" dreams and when I wake up I feel like I never went to sleep.

Needless to say, I also needed a lot of coffee.

Holy crap, Jen, that's a pretty stressful night!

Ugh, I have totally been there.

And my thoughts are always interspersed with "If I fall asleep right now, I can get FIVE good hours of sleep... FOUR good hours... THREE good hours..."

Wow. Those are pretty much the same kinds of thoughts that go through my head for the hour+ it takes me to fall asleep every night. As my fiance falls asleep 3 min after lying down. Gotta love being an overanalytical, worry-prone planner!

Ugh, I can't even imagine being a full on insomniac - I am incapacitated by anything less than 6 solid sleep hours, and need more like 8-9!

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