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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Your shuuz...they are awesome.


Oh, I want Privos! If they are an old lady brand, embrace it, grandma! Where did you get yours, somewhere cheap?

Also, I love your flats. I am totally impressed with your ability to amass shoes in one fell swoop.

Stupid me. I see the plug for Endless.com now. Argh.

I blogged about them too! I looooove those shoes: http://www.loveisblonde.com/blog/index.php/2008/01/18/you-wish/

Cute, cute, cute!

And, it seems to me, that you can always find a way to justify shoe purchases. Has something to do with having girl genes!

I need to check these shoes out! I am stocking up on sneakers and flats for my new life of studentry.

God, I love a good blog post about shoes. I'm so easy to please.

Your title is totally cracking me up. Every time I re-read it, the laughter starts again.

Oh, yes, and cute shoes. Definitely not old-lady-ish.

I was going to say, I thought Janet liked these. PEER PRESSURE!!!

You should probably know that those privos you are needing an excuse to buy are on sale on Amazon...

I think I actually NEED a pair now. I love them!

I always, always, always go for the grandma shoes too. It must mean good taste! :)

Privo! is a Clark brand, but they are young and hip and (most important for walking) comfortable.

I feel very lucky to have a Clark's outlet in town so I can buy them cheap. Also since they are the only store in town which carries shoes which fit my tiny size 5 feet, I do a lot of shoe shopping there.

Hi! New to your blog - love it.

Privos are saviors - I have the brown pair (in green though) and they are the best. Good choice!

I clicked through your new shoe mission and HAVE to comment on the Privos. I found these shoes at Marshalls for 40 bucks and couldn't believe it! IN LOVE. Wear them allll the time. And old lady my butt -- I'm going to have knees and hips that work when I'm 80; all your stiletto wearers will be replacing joints and walking with canes!

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