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Friday, March 14, 2008


I totally get you about the weekends being too long when we're alone. My husband travels frequently, and I always feel that time stops when he's away. Hope you found good stuff to fill the time, and as a side note we went to a new Lebanese restaurant this weekend. It was amazing.

Hope you survived the weekend. We'll just have to schedule more fun things to make the time fly by because like you said, there is really no excuse for looking forward to going to work. It should not happen, not ever.

There's nothing I love more than Lebanese food (my heritage!) and a weekend with friends. Sounds like a blast!

I cannot believe you got kicked out of a dress shop because you didn't have an appointment! Way to reel in those customers, eh? Hope you ended up having a lovely weekend :)

Come hang out with me! I am stuck in the boring not-quite-time-to-start-packing-for-grad -school but too-late-to-care-about-much-else vortex.

I could use company.

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