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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I feel so....famous right now! I mean my five cent mangled present got a feature story! :)

For those of you curious as to the content of the envelope when I mailed it, it was a little leather purse tag that had the names of OPH's cats on it. We are so cool.


I've got to say though, I have had good luck with the post office and sort of love the one by my office.

But I'm sure now that I've said that, they're going to royally screw me.

I didn't know the envelope was empty! That is really poor form. Did they not NOTICE that it was completely destroyed when they delivered it?

And also - holy new design, Batman! Very snazzy. Am I, like, two weeks late in noticing this?

I'm with RA, LOVE the new design! Super Fancy!

And I can't believe that some mangy USPS worker stole your purse tags; seriously, I'd totally take them to the Supreme Feline Court or something, jerks.


a few months ago, i was worrying because the check for my hoa dues hadn't cleared yet. and then, whaddya know, i get an envelope from the post office that contains a ripped up corner of my envelope (the part with my return address label)and a piece of my check. their machines had eaten my perfectly normal sized/proportioned, one-piece-of-paper-and-one-check-filled envelope. but, hey, they were nice enough to send me back a couple little bits of it.

New design is fab. And although I have had no major problems to speak of with the USPS, I have had SERIOUS, HAIR-PULLING problems with UPS. Those bastards.

omg USPS sucks so badly. Like...didn't get a birthday card from a friend because USPS lost it. Had a christmas gift i OVERNIGHTED to my best pal in MN Returned to me because "address did not exist" yet upon resending it, she got it two weeks later. wtf usps.

i feel your pain. They still haven't gotten my address right and i moved to Capitol Hill from VA in October. Stupid 1/2 part of apartment >:|

Oh gosh that really sucks! I cannot believe they would deliver an envelope like that without anything in it, and not put a note or anything with it!
By the way, I like the new layout! :)

WTF? Giving you the empty wrapped was just MEAN.

Oh my gosh, that is ridiculous!! And those "We Care" envelopes that they deliver destroyed mail in make me so freaking angry. My friend had to send her ring to get resized, and for some reason decided to entrust it with the USPS. They freaking RAN OVER HER RING with one of their trucks and smashed it flat. I mean, what? How on earth does that happen??

I'm so sorry you'll never see your crazy cat lady present!!

Maybe there was a cat roaming around the postal office who got his paws on your treat?

I am dying to know what it was!

Er... I totally posted and THEN scrolled up to see that Janet already revealed what the gift was.


This probably isn't the time or the place to tell you who signs my paychecks, right?

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