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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I probably would have jumped out of my skin if a cashier cheered me on. It's like that insurance commercial when the guy is ringing up his coverage, and he says something like, "That's awesome!" about the savings.

Then the peppy cashier goes, "THAT'S AWESOME! I say it louder! Have a nice day!"

For what it's worth, we stock up on ground beef on sale, too. It freezes well, and then you have nicely pre-portioned packets for chili and spaghetti sauce and meat loaf and such. What? Too much?

Nope, I totally agree! Heck, it's not going to be .99/lb forever! Get it while it's cheap! That's what freezers are for!

She was so genuinely excited for my $10 coupon. She also gleefully pointed out that I'd saved $58 total on my $114 order - that's 50%! YOU GO GIRL!

My best friend (married, 2.5 kids) always tells me that she wants me to be her sister-wife so I can earn the monies and she can hang out with her husband... she also promised to do my laundry, make breakfast and scrub the bathroom. Honestly? That almost sounds like it's worth it. :o)


Too funny! At least she's cheery and not a crank.

I do get annoyed when the grocer cashiers comment on what I'm buying. An occasional, "that's a great cereal" is ok but some take it too far and analyze your entire haul!

wait a minute! I, also a semi vegetarian in a household of two plus cats, also bought TWO giant packs of 99 cent meat from Safeway!!! What were we thinking?

I was thinking about BBQs.

We always buy our ground beef in bulk like that. We keep it in the freezer and when we want to cook some Tim breaks out a hammer and a meat cleaver and pounds a chunk off. It's . . . well, it's really something.

Everything about this post makes me love you more...from the greasy hair all the way down to your sister wife!

You go girl(s)!

Chris loves coupons probably as much as he loves me. And that is a lot. My Mom once bought him one of those books of coupons to places in the city and the look of pleasure he got on his face was so complete I thought he'd get down on one knee and propose. To my MOM.

Gee, Janet, between the two of us I don't think we've mentioned enough that 80% lean ground beef is ON SALE at SAFEWAY for the LOW LOW PRICE OF 99 CENTS/LB! Hurry to your local Safeway!

(Pepsi products were also buy 2, get 2 free)

I should just go ahead and admit that I always buy my hamburger in the 5lb containers.

And I buy two at a time.

WHAT! I have a seal a meal thingy.

I miss grocery shopping with a car. Carrying your own groceries makes stocking up on sale items far less fun.

Also, I love Wegmans.

Go coupons! My husband and I are coupon crazy and all of our friends make fun of us, but I don't care because I'd rather get more for less!

Peppy checkout ladies make the world go 'round. Seriously, we all ought to get so genuinely excited about stuff like that. You know?

Like 'HEY TRAFFIC! YES! Look at all of us get around! We are DRIVING! TOGETHER!'

Sounds like a possible New Years Resolution for next year...

Hahaha! At my grocery store, they get noticeably irritated with coupons. And always question whether I really bought that item.

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