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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Love it. And the scratches were on their car WAY before you got there, right?

I never have understood the Good Samaritan helpful parker's aides. I get VISIBLY annoyed when someone is standing around watching me try to do something I obviously find difficult - I think everyone does! Do these "helpers" actually enjoy having others observe them fail? I mean, because OKAY, I guess I can do that.

Ugh, yes. This is a very good PSA.

Am I a badass because I can drive a stickshift and parallel park with the best of them? You're right -- if you're forced to do it, you will learn. I am proof!

People in DC don't try to help each other. I guess that's a good thing?

I actually think parallel parking is much easier with a stick shift. You can just roll backwards (or fowards) instead of having to shift into reverse/drive/reverse/drive a million times. BADASS.

I really think this is a baltimore phenomenon. I am convinced it's the combination of Border State Hospitality and Ghetto that makes people think that "helping" strangers park is a good idea.

Hahahah. I'm still laughing. I've never had anyone try to help me parallel park.. well never a stranger. I don't appreciate help from those I know either...it just annoys me and makes me more nervous.

OMG. This is my life. The end.

So, confession time: I picked the DMV where I took my driver's test specifically because it had a reputation for not asking you to parallel park. And then I managed to get an appointment during the last half hour of their Saturday hours. That instructor was so ready to get out of there! He had me drive around for a bit, park frontways into a regular parking spot, and signed me off! It was great. And did I mention that I was only wearing one contact? In my non-dominant eye?

Uh, my point is that I have never ever had to parallel park, and I will pay through the nose not to have to do it in my lifetime.

One time I had a guy try and help me parallel park. But it was so weird..i mean..it was dark so i kinda appreciated the help..so he's directing me as i am lining up my car next to the car in front of which I was going to park..i guess i got it to the point where now i would cut the wheel and actually ENTER the spot..and he leaves!? I'm like..UH? what? i mean..how is THAT helping me? i need to know if i'm going ot hit the car behind me.
Parallel parking is SOO much easier w/out an audience!

I have ditched a spot just because people were watching me try to park.

Once I had a very rowdy audience of strangers INSIDE my car trying to tell me how to park. Talk about nerve wracking! No I didn't pick them up on the side of the street, they were friends of friends. They all decided they needed to chime in, my best friend saw I was getting angry, tried to quiet them...they didn't quiet. My solution? I got out of my car in the middle of a DC street and told one of them to do it or the car was staying where it was.

I hope that one day I will be forced to learn to parallel park. I passed it on my driving test by the skin of my teeth!

AS had a car in the city for three years, so he is awesome at it. It really is all necessity.

Great post! I had to learn to parallel park in HS, in a stick, on a hill... I think this is what I'll be telling my grandkids when they have floating cars that park themselves. ;o)


I have to parallel park every day as well. And I drive a stick. And if someone is watching, I get so nervous that I will pass up spots a Mack truck can fit in because I crack under the pressure.

Even though they probably aren't even watching me AT ALL.

I can admit that I almost drug the flag under my car while trying to park at my driver's license testing and still passed.

But I am a pro at it now. It helps when you have a car the size of a shoebox.

Don't ask me to park the husband's giganto truck in any parking spot.

Colorado drivers don't have to parallel park to pass the drive test. And yet, I am a star parallel parker, audience or no. I also kick ass at driving stick. Not to brag, but it's fun to kick ass at things people assume you will suck at.

To be fair, though, I've never parallel parked a car larger than my corrolla. Ask me to parallel park a minivan and I'm not sure I'd be so confident of my mad skillz.

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