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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Girlicious and BSG forever!

Starbuck is definitely NOT a cylon. Too obvious.

So did you get to the NipTuck or what?!!

Do you watch Gossip Girl? It's so good - love that darn high school drama.

A lot of TV shows are actually starting back up again next week and the week after!
And someone else that mentions BSG! I might really have to check that out then!
As for the layout, I use Wordpress, but if Typepad works anything like WP, you'd probably have to look at the stylesheet, and find the page width, and edit that, that is the width of the page in general, and that of the middle column... and make sure they still add up to the same total.

Husband is totally trying to get my into BSG (is that what the cool kids call it?) but I am struggling a bit. But TRYING, I swear.

Yay for ads, I read in the feeder mostly. Narrow doesn't bug me cause I just come here to comment.

Love NCIS!

I don't watch any of these shows...the only show I really watch is Two and a Half Men. I just can't get enough of Charlie Sheen and that chubby kid that played Angus. Love them both!

And I'm a feed-reader reader also, so I'm with Janet.

You don't watch The Office? I'm shocked and appalled. Best show on TV, next to my Law & Orders and NCIS.

I don't like the 3rd column since it slims your writing space a lot, but I'll still show up and read anyway. Whatever makes you happy works for me.

NEXT WEEK! That's when Lost comes back! How did I manage for the whole summer and fall and winter without this show? LOVE. IT.

I am guessing the design template is fixed width and you might need to get a new template.

And I also have no idea what I'm talking about.

I didn't even know you are a Battlestar fan! How did I not know this?! Oh man, Chris has decided that the fifth cylon is Lee's dead brother, and nothing I do to argue it has helped. Who can it be???

Dude, (re NCIS) I KNOW! I was so over the writer's strike, since there were no new NCISs for practically the whole season. You must now also TIVO Dexter. Seriously.

I never watched Scrubs, but now we get 2 or 3 A NIGHT! We never have to leave home again! The magic of television!

NCIS, yes! Although you have to wonder what in god's name Jenny did to her face while on the writer's strike. Gibbs sure does bring the pretty, doesn't he?

BSG, holy shit. I LOVE it. Best ever. I'm not finished with season 3 yet so I keep accidentally get spoiled...just a little bit though.

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