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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I love Max's English accent.

Watch and wait procedures are always preferable to immediate action. I'll tell my kitties to keep their paws crossed that Max keeps his weight stable so he doesn't have to face the dreaded clippers (again) and biopsy.

Oh Max. If only everyone could understand that you are simply BETTER than them, things would be so much easier. Right?

Well, at least you make cat cancer funny!

My cat would be much ANGRIER if he were to have a blog. Much more hissing, I think.

Nice to meet you Max; I certainly hope that you get feeling better soon! Wave at that Momma of yours for me!


Max, darling, keep your chin up. =)

Perhaps if you started feeding him the expensive tuna, like he ASKED YOU TO...


love the new format :)

You're a tough British bitch, Max.

My cat has an english accent too! Seriously, when I pretend he's talking to people (no, I'm not a crazy cat lady, I'm only 18, haha) I give him an accent. His name is Herman by the way, and he looks similar to Max, but different collar-Herman has a leopard print collar.
Good luck Max!

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