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Monday, May 05, 2008


Wow, I'm definitely impressed. It's sad that we have to surrender having a social life for having a clean house and organized life though, huh? But I am learning I probably can't have it all. Gah...what happens when we have children one day?

Holy heck, woman. That is super productivity right there. Just reading that made me want to fold up into my food coma and snooze.

I was the polar opposite of you this weekend--and normally I am very productive on the weekend days. Maybe we exchanged vibes somehow?

Wow, look at you go!! The trick really is in just getting started. But I find it so much more enjoyable to just grow roots into the couch and not move for weeks at a time...

Sometimes when I happen to get up before 9 on the weekends, voluntarily, I am amazed about how much one can do before noon. And then the next weekend I sleep until 1 PM and I go back to my sloth ways. And I'm usually OK with it. Until I have to do laundry at 10 PM.

Sigh. I need to get on the ball with Mission: Put Together. The trouble is, I almost never look put together, but it doesn't much matter since I work with 11 and 12 year olds.

See, my "productivity" ends when yard work begins... can't help it, I'm a snobby apartment dweller who doesn't even have to take her own garbage out to the street....granted, I also don't have a dishwasher, washer/dryer, or anywhere to put my bike...but hey, it's all a trade-off, right?

Kudos to the Productive Weekend, and CONGRATS to Joel!

Congrats to Joel, and to you for getting all that done! Tim went through a phase where he decided he was going to get up at 7am every day in an effort to train his body to like mornings. I was a good sport and got up with him, and it was truly amazing the amount of stuff we got done in a day. But you know what was even more amazing? Sleeping in and deciding to forget all about that waking up early plan.

Wow, we got an LOL cat AND the good title! And the post wasn't half bad, either :) I, sadly, am still a late sleeper, although EVERY time I get up early, I'm really happy I did it. Kind of like exercise ;)

That is brilliant! I always tell myself I am going to get to sleep earlier so I am more productive on the weekend, but I always end up staying up way too late and then wasting half of the day. I need to work on being better about this.

Wow. All I did was fall down and go to the flea market. I must go to bed earlier.

Congratulations, Joel!

Dude, I want to hear all about the Laurel encounter!

YAY Joel!! Congrats. I'm going back to work in less than 2 weeks (INSERT OBSCENITY HERE), so I plan on joining M:PT, if you'll have me.

also -- I'm very very very jealous of your weekends (the sleep factor).

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